Go Cougars!

Last Saturday we got to use Steve's parents byu football club tickets (they are in Italy). It was so fun! We got to eat a great meal in the tent beforehand, and were treated like royalty with snacks and more food at half time. We sat right on the 50 yard line and had a great view of the game. We played Air Force and kicked their butts! Here are some pics of Me, Steve, Taylor, Josh, Lauren, and her friend Amy who all went to the game.

Olive Garden Date Night

Steve and I splurged and went to dinner at Olive Garden. It was so fun to eat out together like a real date. We try to do it at least once a week. Here are some pics of us incase you forgot what we look like! I died my hair a shade darker that day as you can see. After a week I'm already missing the bleache blonde... oh well, I can never keep my hair the same for more than a few months (as many of you know).

strike a pose.

More cheezy posing. Steve just wanted me to model my new do.

Say "cheese"!!


Special Devotional

Yesterday couldn't have been any better. I had the chance to see President Gordon B. Hinckley, in person, speak at the BYU devotional. It was so amazing to see almost every single seat filled at the huge Marriott Center with people that love and adore this one man. The spirit was so strong when he entered the room and testified of his goodness and calling as a living latter-day prophet of God. He spoke to us using the thirteenth article of faith as a guide, and he admonished us to strive to live worthily, and that when we make mistakes (which we all do), to repent, and make our lives clean and whole again. I am so grateful for the atonement, and feel like I am understanding it more than I ever have with the religion class I'm taking at BYU and I'm so grateful for a loving Savior who made it all possible and for our Father and his plan for us. Ok, I wasn't planning on baring my testimony, but what an awesome opportunity I had to see the Prophet and I'm so grateful for it! He is so awesome!


Art Show

So Steve's side of the family has amazing artistic abilities. His grandpa, Frank Magleby, is a well known artist, who has done paintings for several Temples in the US. His Aunt Hillary is famous for her detailed portraits and food paintings, and his cousin Jake has an incredible unique art sense and does lots of his art with an ink pen with amazing detail. I wish I could say that I was artistic; I think in 2nd grade I painted a colorful fish using a cotton swab that was chosen to hang in the art room for a week. Thats the extent of my artistic career. Any way, they held an art show at Steve's parents new home in Alpine. I was amazed by all of their work, and thought I'd display on here some of my favorites.


Fall Semester

Well, school has officially started, and once again I am hoping for an awesome, ok fine, GOOD, well, maybe more like, DECENT semester of school gradewise. I have to admit that I LOVE my major (Marriage Family and Human Development) but am not looking forward to my GE's that need to be completed. Steve is majoring in Spanish and still doing the whole CALLE thing on the side. If you come back on this thing in 2 years you may see a post that reads "FINALLY GRADUATED". Lets hope so!

Summer Reading

This summer has been nice because I got to read two of my favorite books Harry Potter and Ecclipse, the final books of their own series at the same time! I rushed through both of them, anxious to know the ending, and now regret because I am so sad that they are over! (Although I have heard that Stephanie Meyer is making a fourth.. or more from another character's perspective) I need to find me some more books to obsess over! If anyone knows of any good books please do tell. (preferably ones that involve vampires, werewolves, or wizards ;)


Summer's End

This summer was one of the very best. I got to spend a full three weeks at Deep Creek Lake with my entire family. Steve was there for one of those weeks as well (he has work and soccer that kept him in Provo :( ). It was so fun to be together doing all the fun things: waterskiing, tubing, jetskiing, bbq-ing, going to the creamery for icecream and kettle corn... and the list goes on! We also got to spend a day in NYC for Danny's baby blessing (which was one of the highlights of the summer) and a week in Potomac. Here are some pictures from our summer at home.

Beautiful view of the Lake behind our home

We're the "cool kids" if you can't tell.

Me, Lauren, and MC on the seadoo. We liked to try and throw ourselves off. Weird, but fun!

Elyse and Ryan on their man-made "transportation to the trampoline device" (they like to avoid the cold water, folks. Even though in a matter of minutes Taylor will be pushing them in!)

Chillin' on the boat

Family Picture!

The hubb and I in our snazzy shirts

Elyse (modeling), Ryan, and Adam on the Elephant. It is a very special place for them where they go and frollick every time we are there. You can tell its something they each cherish in their own unique way.

Just as an FYI, I am pretty OBSESSED with these two boys and very willing to openly admit it. This one of them made me laugh so I thought I'd throw it up here. The one on the left is Danny, Bryson and Jen's baby boy, and the other is Jordan, Kevin and Shannon's baby boy. They are my favorite (and only) nephews!

Beautiful sisters+wedge shoes=very hot photo!