Family Fall Photos

So we took the Magleby Christmas picture a few weeks ago. Steve's grandpa has a great camera and so he took them for us. After we took the more serious lagit photos, we went on a rampage of weird/goofy photos for fun. We had a blast with it. Here are our shots! Enjoy!


Party Time

Last Saturday, Steve's sister, Lauren, threw a shin' dig up at the Cabin for a bunch of return missionaries from my Freshman year (who she is friends with as well). Quite a bit of people showed up, half of them I didn't know, but we all had fun any way. Here are some pics of the lively event.

My best friend Ashley

(from left to right) Lindsey, Lauren, and Ashley

Dance Party!

Ashley, Taylor, Spencer

I didn't get the "thug" memo, sorry Taylor

Love these boys! (Left) Jordan (friend from freshman year) and Paul Davis

Late arrivals

BYU Basketball

Steve's parents have season tickets to the BYU Basketball games. They are nice seats, right on the court, you can SMELL the sweat (ha). We're lucky enough to get to join them to most of the games and they are so much fun! They give us a nice dinner beforehand, and then half time they spoil us with popcorn and candy. (Secretly, I think I look forward to that more than the game). Here we are with Steve's family while BYU played Laval College (some place in Canada?). Any way, it was fun!

Pumpkin Carvin'

Steve and I weren't our usual "costume dressin' up" selves this year. With all our "theme parties" up at the cabin, you'd think we'd be decked out for the one dress up time of the year, Halloween. In fact, we have YET to even dress up together for Halloween since last year we were on our honeymoon and this year we just never really got around to it (disappointing, I know). However, we did have a very fun Halloween and a couple days before the big holiday, we carved pumpkin's with Steve's family up in Alpine. We had a lot of fun doing it. See if you can figure out which one is mine and Steve's pumpkin ;)

Cleaning out the guts

Steve's excited for pumpkin carving!

Steve's sister, Lauren and Me. This is serious business.

Steve's sister, Kate, and her beautiful pumpkin


Busy at work

Masterpiece ;)