Is anyone else as bummed as I am that David Archuleta didn't win last night? I was in total shock the entire night, replaying Ryan's words in my head. How could David Cook have beat Archuleta?!?! Don't get me wrong, I like David Cook, but I LOVE David Archuleta. I felt so bad he had to go to bed that night knowing he didn't win. That extremely talented, sweet, sincere, humble, CUTE boy did not deserve that. I am totally bummed!


Richard and Jenni said...

I'm so bummed too!! I totally thought he deserved it more. I heard there's going to be a grand celebration when he gets back to Utah though.

Angie said...

i have to say, I was so completely shocked; i was just SURE that archuleta had it in the bag. I couldn't believe it when he said cook! What?! Ahh well, at least we know that the #2 spot has as much chance to be successful as #1. Still, it stinks he didn't win.

Annie P said...

He definitely could have won - but you know he will still do really well. And now he will have his pick of a recording contract instead of being stuck with American Idol. It might be better for him.