Happy Birthday Shannon!

Today is Shannon's 26th Birthday! For those of you who don't know my sister Shannon, she is THE BEST. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is friendly to everyone and has the best sense of humor. Nobody makes me laugh as much as she does. She has always been the best sister to me, and I have looked up to her my whole life. She even lets me obsess over her baby boy as much as I want :) I love her so much! Happy Birthday Shan!


President Gordon B. Hinckley 1910-2008

In loving memory of a beloved Prophet who passed away Sunday evening. As much as he'll be missed, I smile to think he is now not only beside our loving Savior and enjoying the glory he so very much deserves, but he is also reunited with his dear wife, Marjorie Pay, who he loved so affectionately. I hope my marriage will stand just as strong as their's did throughout the years.


BYU.... Volleyball?

Ok, so we are known for attending a many BYU basketball games here and there. However this weekend we had tickets to the Volleyball game. Who would have known what a fun sport it is to watch? I came to discover that our team is ranked #1 in the country, yes, entire USA everybody, and it was no surprise to me when they started the game. They were amazing! It was so fun to watch and we kicked CAL-Baptists butts.

Me and Steve

Crystal and her date Spencer
The team
Sisters. I should probably where make up if I ever take pictures with my pretty sister ever again.

Sundance Film Festival

This past Thursday was the closing events of the Sundance Film Festival. Since Steve and I were out of town for the main week of the Festival, we thought it would be fun to go down with some friends and see if we could catch some last minute celebrities. A few people we know had seen Paris Hilton, and Colin Ferrel. We were determined to see somebody. Unfortunately, we didn't even see a look-a-like celebrity on our little escapade. But that was okay. Who needs Paris Hilton to have a fun night in Park City? After browsing main street, we headed up to the Archibald cabin for some yummy hot chocolate. It was a fun a little adventure.

On our way up
"The drivers", our friends Tyler and Krystyna
Since we didn't have any cool celebrities to prove we were there, we snapped a quick photo in front of the theatre.


Christmas, New Year, Deep Creek, Visit Home... Bundled Into One Convenient Blog Post

Christmas in Maryland was so much fun! We spent half of it in Potomac, and the other half up at Deep Creek Lake. It was so nice to be with the family (minus Jen and Bryson, and Shannon and Kevin for part) and spend time together. We went skiing up at Deep Creek, watched movies, played games, and did a lot of RELAXING. It was nice to not have to worry about school over break and just have fun. New years Eve we actually missed the ball drop while watching Oceans 13. Not to worry though because there was a huge fireworks display that our neighbors put on that we watched for a while. It was pretty amazing! It was sad to leave and come back to school, but I wasn't too bummed out because about two weeks later Steve and I went back to Maryland. He went out with some of his CALLE buddies to go to a soccer convention in Baltimore. Meanwhile... I stayed home and played with little Jordy and the rest of the family. Now we're finally back in Provo, doing the whole school thing, and looking forward for when the family comes out here for Spring Break! It seems to far away....
Here are some pictures of the time we were at home..

Christmas Dinner
The delicious meal
The annual nativity
Steve surprised me by getting me an ipod nano for Christmas. He also got me an armband so I can take it to the gym! It was definitely one of my favorite gifts. Thank you bebe!
Jordy loves his Grandpa. Here we are at Deep Creek after tube sledding. Grandpa volunteered to watch the little tyke. I don't think either of them minded.
Elyse and I before dinner at Uno's
Lunch at the "Italian place" with the family
One afternoon, Shannon, Kevin, Me, Taylor, and Jordy went to the aquarium in Baltimore. It was really fun. I hadn't been there since a field trip in middle school and it was fun to look around at all the animals. I think passerby's of the photo must have thought we were a cute little family...awkward...
For those of you who don't know my brother Jayson, he is absolutely AMAZING at the guitar. He made a band with some friends and performed at a local bar one night while we were in town. They were so good!! Everyone was cheering and screaming, especially during his guitar solos. They were liked so much that they got asked to come again, and to perform at the 9:30 club in DC!! Go Jayson!!
I love my leesle
Shan with her babe. He loves to play with his momma.
Oh how I can never get enough of this guy
Close up of the cutie
He is such a trooper. Shannon and I went down early to Deep Creek and Jordy was so good the whole way! He didn't even mind when we had to stop and feed him baby food in his carseat. "One sock missing, food all over my face, dirty diaper, no problem Mom! I've got my green straw!"