Loveable and Legal

My bestest friend Ashley turned the big 21 on Monday February 25th!! We celebrated her birthday by going out to dinner at Sakura Tepanyaki Grill. It was so fun to watch them cook the food- our chef was hilarious! Afterwards we headed back to her apartment for some yummy cake and ice cream. For those of you who don't know Ashley, she is such a quality friend. She has always been such a solid anchor throughout my life. She is so loving, forgiving, and she is sweet to everyone she meets. I know she is someone I can go to for anything, or if I'm having a rough day, just talking to her makes everything better. She is so fun, makes me laugh so hard, and is absolutely beautiful! I feel so lucky to have you as a friend Ash! I love you!



We have been so lucky to have Bryson and Jen in Park City the past week. It had been months since we had seen little Danny and it was such a thrill to see him and how much he has grown! He is such a cute, big blue eyed, funny little guy. He loves to clap his hands, and scrunch his face up to tease people. It is so cute! We had so much fun hanging out with them and going to the BYU baskteball games. Danny loved to see Cosmo and would clap with everyone when they scored. He had a blast! One night while babysitting Max we went down to Park City to have dinner with them. Max got a kick out of Danny. At the end of the night he said, "I think he might be the funniest person ever." We love you Danny!!

At the BYU vs. UNLV game

We love this little guy

Hey, what you lookin' at?

Danny loves his Daddy

At dinner with Jen, Bryson, Danny and Jen's Dad, Greg


Movie Night

Steve and I went and saw Vantage Point Friday night. It looked like it would be a pretty good movie, had a good cast, and we were excited. Overall score? From a 1-10, I'd give it a solid 5. The dialogue was super cheezy, acting was cheezy, and the plot was just OK. With that said, it was fun to get out alone and spend some time together.

The Bowling Alley

Here is Max's first time bowling. Besides the fact that I bowled the worst bowl of my entire LIFE, we all had a great time! (Maybe next time I should use the bumpers...)


The Max Factor

Steve and I are babysitting Max for a week while his parents are vacationing away in Hawaii (I know, I wish they could have packed me in their suitcase too). One day we asked Max if he wanted to go bowling. His response, "What is bowling?". We were SHOCKED that he has never been bowling in his 7 years of life. So today, we told him that tonight for FHE we were going to introduce him to the world of a bowling alley. Max was pretty happy today because he got to go to two friends houses to play. When I dropped him off at his second friend's house this was our little convo:
Me: "Alright buddy, see ya later alligator."
Max: "See ya Dayna, today is probably like the funnest day ever."
Me: "I know! You got to play at TWO friend's houses in a row!"
Max: "No. Two friend's houses, and a BOWLING ALLEY."
A bowling alley everybody. What else could justify it being the funnest day ever? I will be sure to post pics of tonight's bowling extravaganza.


Cutest Husband Award

So we sort of made it a tradition from the getgo for Steve to be fully in charge of the Valentine's Day activities. I of course make it up to him with hugs and kisses, but he very manly takes it upon himself to plan, coordinate, and execute the festive night. So he told me to be ready at 4:30pm in nice casual attire. He gets home from working, blind folds me, and drives 40 minutes to his parents house in Alpine. There, he takes me upstairs and takes off the blind fold. To my "surprise" (ok, I admit, I cheated, I could sense where we were going based on the turns and time frame ;) he had made an entire candlelight dinner in the upstairs apartment ALL BY HIMSELF might I add. It was so cute. He had the table set so nicely, and then an entire yummy meal consisting of steak, scalloped potatoes, rolls, strawberry salad, and to spice it up, some Martinelli's. It was so delicious and so special. He really is a pro at making me feel loved. After dinner we dashed over to Thanksgiving Point to watch "Definitely, Maybe" which had just came into theaters. It was a pretty cute/funny movie.

I'm spoiled, I have a great husband.
Thank you babe for a wonderful evening with you, I enjoyed every minute of it. I love you.

Kind of a funny story. So we got my parents card in the mail wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day. We came to realize that it was the same exact card they gave us last year. Even there notes on the inside were pretty word for word. We found it hilarious!! We love you Mom and Dad. Don't worry, we don't REALLY think you're losing your memory. You did it on purpose, right?


Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a special "I love you" to all those that have been a special part in my life. For my entire family on both sides, you have done so much for me, each and every one of you, and I love you all. For my friends, anyone that has every made an impact in my life (which you all have), I love you. And finally, for my funny, cute, smart, loving, dark and handsome hubby, thank you for all that you do. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Girls Getaway

Last Thursday night, my very best friend Ashley and I decided to ditch all our homework and responsibilities (common occurrence everybody) and head up to her cabin in The Canyons for a nice Ski Getaway. Since the Provo Canyon was blocked off by three avalanches (we have been OVERLY blessed with snow this winter) we headed the Salt Lake way. After a long drive through snow, slush, ice, running into Blockbuster and Albertsons in a crazy blizzard for movies and junk food, and a long windy climb to her cabin, we finally made it! We stayed up late watching "Evening", an AWFUL, "love story", which actually ended up being a depressing drama. We snuggled up in bed and slept in. Austin and Courtney (Ashley's brother and his wife) came up late that night and skiied with us the next morning. It was a beautiful day! The sky was clear, the sun was out, and we were spoiled with ten inches of fresh powder. After a good long ski, we hit the hot tub, before heading back to Provo. It was so fun to have a girls little getaway. If you are reading this Ash, I had so much fun and love you!


Snowy Saturday=Superb Skiing

Last weekend we babysat Steve's little brother Max while Steve's parents went to a wedding in Las Vegas. Max had never been skiing before, so we thought it would be fun to put him in some lessons on Saturday so we could do a little skiing ourselves. It snowed the night before so we had fresh powder! It was such a fun ski day. We skied with Max after his lessons and it was so fun to see him showing us his "pizza". Even his fall into the splitz didn't change his positive attitude, he loved it! We topped the day off with a BYU volleyball game that night. It was very intense, but we beat them in the fifth game. It was one awesome day! (thanks to Shannon for the skis ;)

Ready to go!
What a trooper
Nothing like skiing with your best bud
Trying to pull a Harry
Cheeze it!
Love this guy
Lunch break
Volleyball game