A Day With the Little Man

Yesterday I skipped school and spent the day with Shannon and Jordy who are out here with the rest of the family for Spring Break. We went up to Salt Lake and had lunch with Kevin and Shannon Day. It was fun to see them and I think Jordy liked seeing them too. After lunch we walked around the Gateway and saw the water fountains, where Jordy loved to watch the other kids running through the water. It was a fun day!



We went out to Anaheim to see BYU's first game in the NCAA tournament. It was sad to see them lose, especially since they did not play nearly as well as they usually do. But on a good note, we LOVED taking in the warm California weather and stopping by some fun places before going back home.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Rex Lee Run

I am not a long distance runner. I like to run a little here and there, and I try to keep in shape at a gym, but I am NOT a long distance, marathon daring, type runner. Well, that changed two days ago folks. Steve and I decided to do a little good and registered for the Rex Lee Run for cancer at BYU. Steve has an aunt and an uncle who have battled with the disease, and my mom and aunt have as well, so we decided we'd take the 10K challenge and run for a cure. Let me just tell you that I am STILL in pain from this lovely run. Steve is a great motivator. Even though I wanted to rip his head off every time he denied my plea, "I HAVE TO WALK OR I'M GOING TO DIE!", I was glad that he pushed me to run the whole thing. It felt really good to have accomplished something like that, and I think we're going to prep ourselves for a half marathon in August! Any way, my legs still hurt, BAD, but it was totally worth it :)


Happy Birthday Dayna!!

Hey, this is Dayna's sister, Shannon. I have sneakily logged on to Dayna's blogger account to post this entry. I know Dayna would never toot her own horn, so I thought I would do it for her. Today is Dayna's 22nd birthday!! Dayna is the best sister, daughter, aunt, wife and friend. She cares so much for others and becomes an instant friend to everyone she meets. She is gorgeous, generous, loving, kind, outgoing, and so much fun to be around.

Dayna, we all miss you and love you!! We hope you're having the best birthday, and we can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


The Celebrations Continue

Ashley celebrated her birthday with a party up at her cabin in Park City. We went up there early in the day and set up for the "Movie Star"/"Celebrity look-a-like" theme. We set up a red carpet, and a "bar" for drinks and a poker table- all things 21. There was quite a crowd, and everyone had so much fun! See if you can guess who we are...