Yesterday night we went out to eat with my Dad and his business partner Dean Jabs. They came in to town to do a little spring skiing. We met up at my Grandma's place and then headed over to Flemmings at the Gateway for one amazing dinner Monday night. Seriously, that place is so good! It was fun to all get together. Here are some pics (Crystal and Morgan were there too but they showed up a little bit later).

My Dad and Grandma
My Dad and Dean


Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. It finally felt like Spring had actually arrived. To take advantage of the gorgeous weather, Taylor and Ashley and I had a little picnic on the grass by the temple. I felt like a little kid again being in the sun with peanut butter sandwiches and oreos. I think we all felt like little kids as you can tell in the following photos. I brought my camera along and we all got a little crazy with it.

My cute brother Taylor
Ashley Bo Bashley
Hanging out
I love her to death
The "Oreo Story" (we already know we are special, no need reminding us)

Model Shots

Gettin' some sun

So as we're about to wrap things up we're all just talking and out come fifty sprinklers ready to attack! I wish I had pictures of our scrambling to get out of there. It was a nice ending to a perfect picnic.

Chef Max

On Sunday we went up to Steve parents house for dinner. Max and Lauren were making Lemon cupcakes. Max has acquired a love for baking! Maybe along with being a professional drive way shoveler (He has mentioned he would like that for his future career) he could be a professional chef as well. Here are some pics of him helping make the cupcakes. He's lagit guys- check out the chef hat! Might I add the lemon cupcakes were very, very yummy. Hats off to the chef!


Its Official!

Crystal and Morgan were officially engaged Saturday night. I still can't believe my lil' sis is getting married!!



I know I shouldn't be jealous. But I am. And I can't help it. While I was on my awesome date with Crystal, Steve went to the Jazz game. Unless you are avid Jazz fans you are probably thinking- big deal, Jazz game, so?

Well, Steve was sitting five seats away from someone you may know... President Thomas S. Monson.

Yup. And, you know.. he just got to go see him, and snap a little photo while he was at it (see if you can spot him- suit and tie o' course. I wonder what the guy in the yellow hat is thinking..).

Don't worry Crystal, I loved our little date... but Steve got to enjoy a Jazz game with the Prophet sitting five seats away.

I'm really happy my husband got to have that amazing experience. But you know what, I'm jealous.

Date Night..

...with the sista Crystal. We:

1). Ate a romantic dinner at Happy Sumo
2). Shopped around at Victoria's Secret
3). Snuggled up on the couch
4). Watched Sydney White
5). Laughed our heads off at Amanda Bynes

It was one hot night. And I had one hot date.

Did I get lucky? You bet.

PS. Amanda Bynes is really funny. I think I would like to be her friend some day.

Lauren Michelle Richards

Today is Lauren's 18th Birthday and I would like to give her a little shout out! Here are ten things I LOVE about Lauren:

1). She is so funny! She loves to joke around, laugh, and make other people laugh too. Here is a picture she took on my computer that made me laugh so hard:

2). She is so down to earth. You could talk to her about anything and she would have something to add or some insight to give.

3). She is one sexy hot mama. Here is evidence:

4). She is so nice! She always has kind things to say, or nice compliments to give. Pretty much it just feels good to be around her.

5). She is so talented! From Showstoppers to Blast to Poms. She is always doing something- and whatever it is she is doing- she is GREAT at it.

6). She cries when she reads Harry Potter (no joke, it happened!)...

7). She is such a great friend. All her friends love her, and everyone wants to be her friend. She is just so fun!

8). She is goofy. She doesn't care what people think- she just does what she does.

9). She is very smart, and coming to BYU next year!

10). She is MY SISTER! And for that, I love her more than anything!

Best Husband EVER!

So.... Steve and I had been talking about investing in a nice new camera (my five year old digital camera has practically fallen to pieces and Steve's old one has been long gone for a while). I've been interested in taking photography classes and improving my picture taking skills. Plus, it would be a sweet thing to bring to Steve's soccer games so I could be his own personal photographer. Not to mention when we start having kids it would be very practical. So many pros everybody. Any way, after talking about it we decided we'd wait a little while because the one we wanted was a little pricey for our budget.

On Monday Steve comes upstairs while I'm doing laundry and starts taking pictures of me with what I thought was his cousin Klane's camera (who works with him downstairs and has the same one). I'm all "why are you taking pictures of me, please stop." (Steve) "do you want it?" (Me) "what do you mean do I want it?" (Steve) "You can have it!" (Me) "It's Klanes." (Steve) "No, its yours." (me: shocked, happy, surprised, ecstatic) "REALLY?!?!?!!"

Steve found one at a GREAT discount off of Amazon.com. Everyday I pick it up and take random photos of things around the house. I try to get Steve to pose for me but to no avail.

Any way, I'm really excited about it.

Let me introduce you to our new digital Canon 40D. Isn't she beautiful?

So Long, Farewell

This week two of the CALLE boys, Travis and Josh (and his wife Courtney), moved to California to get things heated up in the southern areas. Its just 3 guys in the basement now and its so weird/sad to have them gone! We had a little farewell party for them up at the Cabin this past weekend. Any way, this is just a little shout out to those guys, telling them how awesome they are and how much we will miss them (which is a lot)!


Another American Idol update. Carly Smithson was sent home which means my favorite contestants are all in the running. My guess is Brooke will be next followed by Jason Castro. I still can't decide which David will take the whole thing. I think they are both extremely talented and have a ton of fans. What do you guys think?


They're Back...

Last week aired with an awkward dinner party at Michael and Jan's home.

It is so nice to finally laugh my head off at these hilarious characters every Thursday night.

I'm so happy to have them back in my life.

We'll see what happens tonight!

April Showers bring............................................ August a baby and a wedding??

I attended two lovely showers yesterday:

1. A bridal shower for my friend Rachael Carver who is getting married August 16th in the Washington DC Temple. We played games and ate yummy chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes. We even dressed her up in a toilet paper wedding dress.

2. A baby shower for my other friend Ashley Marriott who is having her little Charlie also in August. We had yummy food, opened gifts, and even got to take home a cute little favor. She is one of the cutest pregnant girls I have ever seen in my life.

Now if only we could have some real April showers to bring some beautiful May flowers. Lately we've seen snow. Snow?! Where is the warmth I have been dreaming of for the past 6 months?!



Here is another "finally" post. Kristy Lee Cook was kicked off American Idol tonight. Does anyone else agree with: "Its about time!"

I was SO ready for her to be gone about 5 weeks ago. I wanted to scream (well, I wanted to, and I did) when Michael Johns got kicked off before she did. Michael Johns?! I'm sorry USA, but you all had that extremely wrong.

Well, I'm just happy its finally happened. Goodbye Kristy Lee.



Today is the LAST DAY OF CLASS for the semester! It is such a relief to be done. Well, done with classes. Now I've got a whole week of studying/test taking. But there is something nice about not having to listen to lecture or get up early for a 9am class. I don't know why I'm so excited seeing as how school starts up again in less than two weeks for Spring (woohoo! not).

There is ONE thing that is keeping me motivated aside from the fact that I'll get to graduate next April if I continue going to school. I AM GOING TO FIJI MAY 4th!!! Yes, Fiji, and I am really excited about it. The BYU soccer team is going there (they do an annual trip to some other country before their season officially starts). I get to tag along and couldn't be more thrilled.

I'm looking forward to leaving this behind:

And arriving to this:

My pale pasty body is in need of some serious sunshine.


A Fun-Filled Week

This Wednesday, Courtney Pratt, a friend of mine I grew up with in Maryland, got home from her mission. I got to go to the airport with some of her other friends and family to see her arrive. It was so fun to see her. She was so much herself and just seemed so happy. It is great to have her back.

Our friends Mary Martha Abell and (her now husband) Andrew Checketts were married this past Friday. We got to attend their reception. We had a blast. We saw lots of friends, ate good food, and got down on the dance floor. It was so fun to watch the Daddy-daughter dance and the first dance as a couple, which brought back some wonderful memories of our own wedding a good year and a half ago.

To top it all off, Steve's little cousin, Teague, was baptized this Saturday. We got to go to his baptism and see some of the family. It was a really great occasion and we are so proud of Teague and his choice to be baptized.

It's been a great week.

Here are some pictures of the wedding.

Me Courtney and Christian

Daddy Daughter Dance


Couples First Dance

Love these guys (Jay Pratt, me, Paul Davis, and Steve)

Me and Ash

Price Foulger and Me

Me with ex Hermana Courtney Pratt

Gettin' groovy on the dance floor

The beatiful Bride and her handsome hubby



"Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't."-Brett Butler.

I sure hope some of my dreams don't ever come true.

I have the most vivid dreams. I don't mean the kind of dreams that you take as an inspired message or vision and apply them to your life kind of dreams. I mean weird, bizarre, makes absolutely no sense kind of dreams. I don't know what I'm smokin' before I go to bed, but most nights I have the weirdest dreams! Here is the synopsis of a couple of the dreams I had last night:

Dream 1: I am watching from a distance my siblings, Shannon and Jayson, on an icy road. They are in the middle of the road standing by this big block of ice. I'm yelling out to Shannon because all these cars are speeding by and I don't want her to get hit. But she doesn't move and just stands there. Meanwhile, Jayson is playing on the block of ice, falls off, and gets hit by a car. But don't worry, he is okay. He gets up and continues playing with the marvelous block of ice.

Dream 2: I'm in our house in Maryland and I realize that I have two babies (twins) that I gave birth to (no, I'm not pregnant) that for some reason are not with me and are back at the hospital. I know I need to get to them because they are my babies and I need to take care of them (duh!)! My mom won't let me borrow her car to go to the hospital to get my babies. Neither will my Dad. I am extremely frustrated that I can't get to my two babies.

Oh and don't worry, on several occasions I have dreams about my teeth falling out. Bulks and bulks of teeth just falling out my mouth. It freaks me out.

Steve says he hardly ever remembers his dreams. I almost always remember mine.

Feel free to take a stab at deciphering my dreams. Anyone else having crazy dreams like I do?