Not Our Week

This has not really been our week. Here's why:

1. Crashed the car on Tuesday- my fault- minor, but still annoying
2. David Archuleta did NOT win American Idol- and yes, I'm still bitter about it
3. Steve slashed his head when trying to change a light bulb last night and practically needed stitches (although we used butterfly ones instead).

I'm sure I could come up with more things, but I don't want to depress the rest of you.

One thing thats keeping me going? Shannon and Kevin and my little Jordy-pie come into town on Monday!!



Is anyone else as bummed as I am that David Archuleta didn't win last night? I was in total shock the entire night, replaying Ryan's words in my head. How could David Cook have beat Archuleta?!?! Don't get me wrong, I like David Cook, but I LOVE David Archuleta. I felt so bad he had to go to bed that night knowing he didn't win. That extremely talented, sweet, sincere, humble, CUTE boy did not deserve that. I am totally bummed!


Josephine and Wendy are Finally Here!

Steve's new little sister, Josephine, a beautiful little girl from Ghana has finally made it to the states. After a long adoption process, she is now here and she is one spunky fun little girl. We all went to the airport this morning to see her arrive. She flew in with her friend, Wendy who was also adopted by Eric's sister, Hillary. I think the girls were a little overwhelmed by the large crowd of family, but they quickly warmed up. Afterwards we had lunch at Apollo burger and then hung out for a bit in Alpine. Josephine is quite the character. She has so much energy! We are so excited she (now sister) and Wendy(now cousin) have joined our family!

They're here!
Josephine meeting Grandma
and Grandpa
Aunt Hillary and Wendy
Josephine and Wendy
Family Picture
Riding the slide at the Magleby's


Dad's Quick Visit

My Grandma has been having some health problems lately. She is 94 years old, such a trooper, but has been in the hospital the past week or so with an infected gallbladder. My Dad flew into town on his way back home from a wedding in Boise. He was only here for a few hours but it was so good to see him and my Grandma. After visiting for a while at the hospital we went to lunch at The Red Iguana in SLC before my Dad had to catch his flight back to DC. It was so great seeing you Dad!

After we saw my Dad we headed up to Alpine to have dinner there. After dinner I messed around with my camera (everyday occurrence everybody) and ended up with these nifty little shots.


Game 2

BYU won their second game tonight against Spokane. It was 2-1 with both goals by Zach DeFrancis. Its nice to see them getting off to such a great start! Here's a shot of one of the goals and some pictures we took while messing with my camera.

Soccer Season Begins

Well, the season has officially started. BYU had their first game against Oregon's Cascade. They beat them 5-1 with some sweet goals by Brit Obsbourne, Zach Defrancis and Scott Heaton. Unfortunately Steve injured his knee in Fiji so he wasn't able to play, poor guy. We should see him back on the field hopefully in a week or so. Any way, it was a fun night. The weather was beautiful and the guys had a great game. Hopefully we'll have similar results after their game against Spokane Spiders tonight! Go BYU!

Me with my friends Jenny, Kristen, and sista Crystal


Jayson Byron Richards

Another belated shout out for my brother Jayson! Jayson, you are such a stud-muffin. I love having you as a brother. You are just so chill and fun to be around. Not only that you are hilarious! You are always one to get people laughing and you have such a great sense of humor. You are super talented at the guitar and make me want to play more. How did you get so good so fast? You are also so cute and getting more and more handsome every day (not to mention taller and taller!). I still can't believe you have outgrown me and are already 16 years old. That is insane. Soon enough you'll be out at BYU and going on a mission and I will cry in disbelief in how quickly you have grown up. Sometimes I still like to think of you as little jay-c-b who would run around the house in his overalls and we would pick you up and put you on the door knob and let you hang there. Ah... good times. I love you bro!!!!!!!

Belated Mother's Day Shout Out

Happy Mother's Day to my Two Wonderful Mothers:

Mom, you are the greatest. You do so much for our family. One thing I really admire about you is your steadfastness in the gospel. You have set such a great example for all of your children to follow. From making sure we had scripture study and family home evening, to bearing your testimony to us, we knew you knew the gospel to be true, and because you knew it, it helped us know it for ourselves too. You are always so quick to serve others or befriend those who may not have many friends and you don't just do it half heartedly, you really are a true blue friend. You love everyone regardless of any flaws the world may see. I really love and look up to those things about you. You are such a fun mom. You have such a great sense of humor and are fun to talk to. Lately I have felt like you are not only my mom, but my friend, and someone I can trust and talk to about anything. Last but not least, you are beautiful and I would be happy to look half as good as you do when I am your age. I don't even know how many times people are shocked when I tell them you've had ten kids and they just don't believe it when they see you. We love you Mom!

Monette, you are so wonderful. I feel so lucky to be a part of your family and to have you as a mother-in-law. I really did luck out when I married Steve. One thing I admire about you is the sincere love and concern you have for all your children. You love to be a part of their lives in everything they do. It is clear that you would do anything for any of them. You are always so loving and supportive and I really want to be like that for my children some day too. Another thing I'd like to point out is what a great cook you are! You make some fabulous meals and I hope my kids enjoy my cooking as much as yours do. You are beautiful (or a "pretty mommy" according to Max :) , smart, and fun to be around. It has been so great getting to know you and I am never disappointed the more I do. Thanks for all the love you have shown us, and for making me feel like one of your own. You are amazing, and we love you!


After 9 days in Fiji we are back home. As sad as it was to leave, it feels great to be back. I don't know how I can fit everything we did into one post, so I'll just give a quick overview of what we did while we were there. Since we were there for the soccer team, they played four games while they were there. They lost two and won two. When they weren't playing games, we hung out on the beach, went snorkeling, shopped in the towns, took a speed boat ride, and went on an island excursion. On Sunday we all went to different wards and each player on the team spoke in sacrament. It was such a neat experience to hear them talk and bear their testimonies of the gospel.

Although it was rainy/cloudy the 7 out of the nine days we were their, we had a really great time. One of my favorite things we did was take the donated soccer balls and soccer cleats to the primary school in Suva. The kids were all gathered in this big room, and they sang church songs. Everyone got emotional as we watched them sing those sweet songs. They were such cute kids and loved meeting some of the guys on the team. It was really fun.

The funniest night of the trip was the talent show. I wouldn't be able to give it justice if I tried to describe it but I'll just say that it was one of the funniest things I've seen- and it was a really great time for everyone to get closer as a team and for the rest of us to really get to know the guys.

The people of Fiji are SO FRIENDLY. We were amazed at their hospitality and kindness. They are so humble and nice to everyone.

All in all it was one fun trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Steve wearing a sulu. All the men here wear these.


For Ken, Annie, Elise, and Gavin

Teague and Max ready to leave Utah!
Enjoying the beach at the hotel
At the game in Ba
Found a star fish on the island excursion we went on