Goodbye September

To wrap up the month we had a fun weekend including:

1. Watching Steve's soccer game against Weber State with a 1-0 win. Go cougars!

2. Cheering on Steve in yet another game (a club team) on Saturday. They won in PK's- I was so proud of my little Steven who scored one of them. Josephine came too. She liked playing with my camera so we took some silly pictures.

3. Went wedding dress shopping with Ash. We think we found the one. She is going to make one beautiful bride. Afterwards we watched the Relief Society broadcast together at my stake center.

4. Fulfilled our craving for breakfast food at IHOP. The cheese blintzes are scrumpdiddilyumptious (translation: very yummy in my tummy).

5. Rode the Alpine Loop on our way to the Magleby's for Sunday dinner. It is BEAUTIFUL this time of the year with lots of fall colors all over the trees. If you haven't done it, go do it. It is such a gorgeous drive and soon most of the leaves will be gone. We got a little crazy with the camera but here are a few of my favorites. We borrowed Steve's parents convertible so we would be able to see everything as we drove. It was raining at first and we were worried we wouldn't be able to see or take pictures of anything. Luckily it cleared on our way up the mountain and we got some great shots. We had three spots in the back so our friends Tyler and Krystyna joined us, as well as my sister Lauren.

Steve trying to throw me off the cliff.

Aren't they cute? Tyler and Krystyna

The yellow flower Steve insisted I pose with. He's getting pretty artsy with the camera.

And my gorgeous sister Lauren. Isn't she a babe?

October is just about here... but where is the cold weather? You won't find me complaining!


Men are from Mars...

... and women are from Venus. I am sure everyone would agree that this statement rings true at some point or another.

Since being married, sometimes its hard to find "girl time." Don't get me wrong, being with my husband most of the time is fantastic- MOST of the time. Sometimes I get those rare feelings that maybe he ISN'T so interested in the latest girly gossip I have to offer him, what clothes I find cute online and want him to see too, talking about feelings while lying in bed at night, and those other female friendly topics usually shared with female friends. Can you really blame him? Men and women don't always show the same excitement for the same things- we're from two different planets so to speak. So, my friend Bree and I decided that we needed to have girl time: A time set aside each week to get some of our girlfriends together, make new acquaintances, and do things we can't do with the guys while sparing the men from having to fake their enthusiasm for our benefit:)

So Bree coordinated a late luncheon with some girls at CPK for today. Lauren M. (to keep from any confusion with my sister Lauren) came and her roommate Sam. Then Bree invited a few friends of hers (two of them are married as well so I didn't feel like a sore thumb). It ended up being SO FUN!! It was so nice to meet some new girls and just have a genuine enjoyable girly time together. We kept all conversation 100% girl talk: boys, marriage, relationships, break-ups, and I must say it was surprisingly refreshing and fun to get all that out in the hour and so we were there with others that all truly enjoy talking about that kind of stuff. We've decided to try and make it a weekly ritual, and I'm very excited about it.

So here's to girlfriends, making new ones, and girl time. I am truly a fan.

And here's to boyfriends and husbands that really do try to appreciate that stuff for the sake of their girlfriends/wives.

However, I think Steve is happy that I've found another means to release my really girly side :)

A win win for both of us!

I found this cartoon and it made me laugh:

Word to the wise:

Always get a second opinion.

I told you all how my computer was having issues and is in the process of getting fixed. Well, listen to this frustrating but beneficial story about what happened to me: (Note: this is a long story. Make sure you have time before starting, and maybe pop some popcorn before settling in...)

For a couple months my computer was slowly getting worse. The battery stopped working on its own (I'm not very good about shutting my computer down so the battery died) so the only way to use my computer was if it was plugged into the charger (kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop right?). Finally one day over this gradual decline, my computer stopped working all together, even with the charger. So, to save me the trip of driving all the way to Salt Lake City to go to the apple store to get it fixed, a friend of mine told me about this place called Simply Mac here in Provo that fixes macs. So I made my way over to the store in hopes that this process of fixing my computer would be short and speedy (I need my comp for school). I show the technician my problem and tell him I have apple care. He tells me they'll take a further look into it and get it fixed asap.

One day later I get a call from one of the techs, this is our conversation:

tech: "Hi, is this Dayna Magleby?"
me: "Yeah..." (worried. please don't let there by something wrong with my hard drive, all my notes are on my hard drive).
tech: "So we looked at your computer and it looks like there is some water damage on the motherboard and that is why your computer isn't working for you."
me: "Water damage?" (Oh crap, how did water get in the motherboard? I don't remember spilling anything on it..)
tech: "Did you ever spill anything on it?"
me: (Thought about this already) "No."
tech: "Yeah, well apple isn't going to cover this because of water damage" (this is true, apple care won't cover problems due to water damage) "so you will need to pay $900 in order for us to order a new motherboard to fix this."
me: "$900?! I don't have $900 to spend on this!!" (ok, didn't say that but was definitely thinking it). "Are you SURE apple care won't cover it? Are you SURE there is water damage?"
tech: "Yes. Would you like me to go ahead and order it? Or would you like me to just fix the part that apple will cover?" (I had a small crack on the front of the computer that was covered by apple care).
me: "Go ahead and fix the crack and I'll call you back about the motherboard."

So after the convo I hang up and start freaking out, telling Steve that we have to pay $900 in order for me to have a working computer. My sane and calm husband tells me to call applecare and ask them what they think I should do or ask if they can make an exception. I call them. They tell me they do not make exceptions, they won't cover water damage, but they advise me to get a second opinion. I ask them if stores make more money if applecare doesn't cover the problem. Apple says the stores do, that since they fix it themselves they make more money (hm, a little suspicious at this point but not jumping to any conclusions). So I decide to call back the tech and tell him I'm going to take it to Salt Lake, to see if he can hold off on fixing the crack so I can take it down asap to get it get a second opinion and not have to wait for the crack to get fixed.

tech: "If you take it down there, they are just going to tell you the same thing, that its water damage and apple care won't cover it."
me: (further spikes my suspicion) "Ok, well I still would like to get a second look. I know I told you to go ahead with the crack, but is there anyway I can just pick up my computer and not get anything done to it?"
tech: "Well, I already put in the order for the piece to fix it"
me: "Is there any way you can cancel the order?"
tech: "Yes, but the supervisor isn't here, and he is the only one that can approve that."
me: (That's mighty convenient that your supervisor isn't there...) "Is there any one else there that can approve it?"
tech: "Yes, but they don't have the password"
me: (are you for real?!) "Can you call the head supervisor for the password?"
tech: "Yeah, I could do that, but he might not answer"
me: (wow) "Could you TRY calling him, because maybe he might answer?" (on my last nerve)
tech: "Yeah, but if I don't call you back in 20 minutes then assume he didn't answer."
me: (Is this guy serious?? Does he really expect me to believe that he'll actually even call the guy rather then just hang up and do absolutely nothing?!) "Nevermind. Forget about it. Good bye."

Talk about GREAT customer service.

So after a few days I pick up my computer and take it down to SLC. A much friendlier technician takes it in the back so a "specialist" can have a look at it and figure out the problem.

10 minutes later:

friendly specialist: "Did you spill something on your computer?"
me: (Was the obnoxious tech at Simply Mac right?) "No, not that I can think of, honestly. Is there water damage?"
friendly specialist: "No, not at all. When we talked to apple care to get your computer covered they were suspicious that maybe you spilled something on it (remember I called to ask them what I could do and told them what Simply Mac told me)."
me: (I begin telling them everything up to this point)
friendly specialist: "Well, we took a thorough look at it even after we talked to apple care, and we didn't see any kind of water erosion/damage, and it doesn't look like its a problem that would be caused by that. Next time you have a problem, don't bring it to Simply Mac, take it here or to BYU, they will probably be more honest there."
me: (almost in tears I'm so happy) "Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Moral of the story: ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion, especially if someone's asking you to pay that much money for something. I am so glad I went with my gut and got it checked out in SLC. 2nd moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO SIMPLY MAC to fix anything of yours. They are either dishonest or incompetent to have made a mistake that huge. After telling some people about what happened, I heard some other horror stories about that place. Just be careful if you ever go there.

I'm just glad I had a happy ending.

Little Italy

To celebrate Lauren's birthday, the fam went out to dinner to Little Italy. It is a relatively new place on 300 S in Provo, and is such a small little gem here that serves TO DIE FOR Italian food. The owners are a married couple from Italy (I believe), all the recipes are their very own, and they make everything themselves (with some help of course). Steve and I had been there a couple times before and each time we go we are just amazed at how yummy it is. My favorite is pasta (any kind) with half Quattro Formaggio (4 cheese sauce) and this other creamy marina sauce-mmmmm, its making me crave it just thinking about it. They use such fine ingredients that everything tastes good and you can't go wrong with anything you order. If you like Italian, are ever in provo, and hungry, GO TO LITTLE ITALY. You will not be disappointed, and if you're in the mood for dessert, get the eclaire. It is DIVINE. I love food! Here are some pics of the night. I wish I had gotten a picture of the food but I guess it wouldn't have really given it justice.

Lauren and her birthday hat
Can you guess who is in the background taking our order?


Lauren Elizabeth Magleby

Another happy birthday shout out to my sister-in-law Lauren. For those of you who know Lauren, you know how truly talented she is. She is one unbelievable cook/baker/crafter/party-planner/designer etc. I am always amazed by her. Practically every time Steve and I go out to Alpine for family dinner on Sunday, she is usually seen baking some amazing masterpiece or putting together some beautiful piece of artwork. But along with her plethora of talents, she is such a great sister and friend. She is always so nice to all around her and really cares about everyone she meets and knows. She is so fun to hang out with and always knows how to have a good party. I love you Lauren! Happy 22nd!!


Happy Birthday Bryson and Jen

Happy Birthday you guys! We wish we could have been there to celebrate.

Bryson, or should I say Dr. Bryson. I am so impressed at how smart and hard working you are. I remember when you use to pay us to do your chores... I always thought you were lazy, but you sure were smart! But I guess the hard working finally kicked in because you have come such a long way to where you are now and we are so proud of you. You are hilarious and so fun to be around. Thanks for being a cool big bro. Love you!

Jen, you are amazing! Whenever I look at you and see how smart, loving, funny and beautiful you are, I sometimes just think, "I wish I could be Jen." You are such a great wife, mother, sister, and friend. I am always so impressed with how you are with Danny. He is so lucky. I wish we lived closer to you guys so I could see you more often. I am always jealous of Shan who gets to visit you so much. I really couldn't think of a better sister-in-law (and whoever comes next will have a lot to compete with!). I love you!


A little SummERy (undergoing construction)

I'm baaaaaack! Finally, back to my blogging world. It feels so good. This summer sure has been a busy one and with school starting up, and no internet at home, my blogging skills (or lack their of) have had to be put on hold- until NOW. So, let me take you through a little summary of my summer (hence, summery, did you get it?) with a few of my favorite pictures along the way....

So summer kicked off with the annual Camp Utah. This is a summer camp that I put on for my three youngest siblings. You all will probably ask if you can sign up after you see all the fun we had :)

Boys came first. Here are Adam and Ryan fresh off the plane!

When I asked them where they wanted to eat, giving them the option of anywhere, what was their reply? "Chuck-a-rama!!!" I guess their yearly stop at that restaurant with my grandparents on their way out for spring break to ski with the family really hit a soft spot in their hearts (I may or may not have called that place Up-chuck-a-rama a time or two). So, we made our way to the all you can eat diner and psyched ourselves for the adventures to come. In one week these boys....

Ate at Chuck-a-rama

Took a ride on Steve's Uncle's UNIMOG. That thing is a beast. It can go up or down anything and made for one wild ride....

.....afterwards they lit fireworks and sparklers courtesy of Steve's family and his Uncle Hans' neighborhood.

...hiked Rock Canyon, the Y, and Stewart Falls (no, not in the same day). Even though they made up their own songe titled "Y oh Y did I hike the Y" they did very much enjoy it and I was proud of them every step of the way.

...... rode on the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster. A favorite.

....... Celebrated 4th of July watching the Provo Parade, watching Steve play in a game, and staying up late watching the fireworks from the stadium.

.....went bowling. Adam destroyed us all. Even Ryan made me feel pretty bowling challenged. Both of them had multiple strikes which they insisted I take a picture of them as proof.

...enjoyed a real Utah Rodeo. Dad, Jayson, and Elyse came into town and joined us for it as well.

... did a lot of swimming at seven peaks and the Magleby pool.

...made their very own Camp Utah shirts which they wore very proudly at the end of their trip. Aren't they cute? Even I made one of my own.

.... stopped by Murray High School on our way down to Salt Lake to get a quick picture in front of the all time famous picture of David Archuleta. I think I was a little more excited about it then they were.

After the boys left it was just me and Elyse time. We did a lot of the same stuff as the boys but we had our own girly fun as well.

Just like the boys we hiked Rock Canyon, the Y, and Stewart Falls.

Went miniature golfing. (At 1pm in dead summer heat. I don't think I have ever been so hot but Elyse insisted. I'm a sucker for that little girl).

Played at the Magleby's. Elyse loved swimming in the pool, jumping on the tramp, and playing with her new friend Josephine. These girls were hilarious together.

Went to Seven Peaks (pictures are still on my waterproof camera).

Rode the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster

Went to some of Steve's soccer games.

Went to color me mine where Elyse made a cute plate for mom's birthday.

Flew home for the family vacation at Deep Creek Lake!!

Hey fellers. So, while updating my blog I had some difficulties with my computer while trying to upload the Deep Creek Lake photos and Crystal's wedding. I know a bunch of you want to see the ones I have (family mostly) so be patient and I should get them up in the next few days when I get my computer back. But, I figured atleast posting this will give me some extra motivation to be sure to get it done. Love you all!