You know you're pregnant when...

 ...you pee on a stick and it says "pregnant".  Oh and when you get to see it and hear the heartbeat (best part). 

We are SO EXCITED to announce baby #1!!!  We are so happy and we can't wait to meet the little peanut very beginning of July

Now the question remains: 
little steve or little dayna?

More details to come of all the baby fun.... 


Gingerbread House

Now that we have reflected on the true meaning of Christmas- lets make it loud and clear that there is nothing wrong with enjoying all the other things Christmas has to offer. 

With that said, Monday night we went up to Alpine to decorate one awesome gingerbread house together. We all put our gingerbread house decorating skills to action and the result? 
A beautiful gingerbread masterpiece
(as shown above)

What would be perfect after doing something like this? Drinking homemade hot cocoa. To get the yummy recipe, check out my sidebar. 

A Gift

     As we think of the true meaning of Christmas- we hope to think of our Savior, Jesus Christ- his life, ministry, and death as he sacrificed his life for us. The ultimate gift one could give- his gift to me, and to you. 

On Sunday we had a little family home evening (yeah, I know, it wasn't monday but I can't really think of a better term here). My mother-in-law gave us all these little ornaments- a gift box. She encouraged us to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas aside from Christmas shopping, gift exchanges, gingerbread houses and christmas trees. We thought of our Savior and the gift he gave us. 

She then gave us little white pieces of paper for us to write something we could do or give of ourselves as a gift. A gift from us to our Savior.  We put them in our gift box ornaments and put them on the tree, as a reminder of what Christmas is really all about. 

Our Savior's gift is one we can never reciprocate. All he asks is that we submit ourselves to him- our time, talents, and more importantly our heart.  

What will be your gift this year to the Savior? 
 (Note: Incase you're wondering, I'm not expecting any answers to this.  Just something for you to think about. Unless of course, you really want to :)


Joy to the world! The Christmas season has finally arrived. Exams are just around the corner, but the Christmas spirit that has been creeping and crawling into our home has finally settled in and made itself feel welcome. School just aint so bad when you can listen to Christmas music, cozy up by a fire, and finish papers in the comfort of a festive, twinkle-light decorated home. Our tree is up, our decorations are out, and I'm thinking its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sure feels like it with...

Our tree (thanks to Shan and Kev) and ornaments collected over the years


Nesting dolls

A fireplace and twinkle lights (I love what these do to my mood!)

Red and green wrapped chocolate candy in a festive Christmas bowl

Now, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. It snowed a tad the other day. Forecast is calling for more. 
Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow! 



Birthday Spotlight: Kevin Taylor
Oh Kevin. Where do I even begin? I think this picture pretty much sums it all up. Kev you:
1. Crack me up. You have the funniest sense of humor!
2. Treat Shan so well, what a great hubby you are to her.
3. Or should I call you "Dr. Kevin". You are smart and hardworking.
4. Are the father of my little Jordypie and just for that reason I will always love you!!!!

Happy Birthday Kev!



We celebrated Thanksgiving "Pilgrims and Indians" style. All dressed up. 
Here is our multicultural family. 
The Indians
Love this little Pilgrim girl
Our cousin Wendy. Some went all out in there costumes as you have seen so far.
While others had their own idea of a costume. Nice white thighs Mitch!
Cousin Chloe was in charge of the arts and crafts for the little kids.
The Pilgrims preparing the final touches on the Turkey
(I love the mantle in the background)
The beautiful table setting. We all ate together, one big feast, in the basement gym. It was perfect!  Everyone had a place card with their name on it and people would go around and write what they were thankful for about that person.
The buffet of Thanksgiving yumminess.
After the feast, we all headed up to the cabin for a 
family talent show
Steve and I sang a little duet: "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches (Juno).
One of our favorites was the skit that all the moms put on. 
The little dolls singing "Deck the Halls".

It was such an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at the cabin and playing games. I am so grateful for Steve's amazing family. I feel so very blessed to have wonderful families on both sides (how did I get so lucky?!).  This weekend was such a good time to reflect on my life and take time to really think about how very very blessed I am in so many aspects of my life.  I am so grateful for my family, my sweet husband, my relationships, my loving Heavenly Father, the Gospel, this wonderful Earth we live on, my life, good health, 
and SO much more.  
Happy Thanksgiving!