Birthday Spotlight: Ashley soon to be Stewart

It was Ashley's 22nd Birthday yesterday. I love my Ash. Here are 10 reasons why:
1. She is kindhearted to everyone she knows and meets.
2. She has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh so hard.
3. She has a way of instantly connecting with others so that they feel comfortable to talk to her about anything.
4. She's h-o-t-t hot!
5. She loves the gospel and its always a treat to have deep spiritual discussions with her.
6. She has always been a true and blue friend from the first time I met her (which was a loooong time ago)
7. She loves to eat. So do I. So we eat together. A lot.
8. She loves snuggling up to a movie with me with popcorn and chocolate. (she is a great snuggler)
9. She is a constant in my life. I always know I can count on her for anything. 
10. She really is just the BEST!

For her birthday dinner we went to Sakura Grill. The food was delish and it was fun watching our crazy chef Marc prepare all the food (with "japanese humor" to boot). 

Afterwards we had cake and icecream at her apartment. I may or may not have had 3-4 slices...

It was a great night spent in honor of a great girl.

Happy Birthday Ash! I love you!



My friend Amy tagged me.  This tag consists of finding the sixth folder in my pictures, finding the sixth picture in the folder, and then blogging about it.  My computer got wiped clean a few months ago so most of my pictures are recent- which may not be as fun as finding some awesome old photo of myself- in fact, some of you may even remember this one:

This is a picture of my brother-in-law Kevin and his little boy Jordan, taken over the summer when we were all in MD for Crystal's wedding. The night this picture was taken we had just eaten at Rio Grande and were walking around Bethesda.  My favorite thing about this picture is, well, actually there are many things:
1. They are wearing matching shirts
2. Jordy's in it and for anyone that knows me and my love for my nephew knows that a picture with Jordy is a favorite. 
3. The fun city in the background.
4. Brings back lovely memories of summer warmth.
5. And lastly, not to mention my little sister fixing her hair in the background (if you look closely)

Now I am to tag 6 people:
And you lovely 6 are....
1. Crystal Gilliam
2. Rachel Kirkham
3. Mary Martha Checketts
4. Krystyna Davies
5. Lauren Magleby
6. Ashley Schmutz


5 months: Bust a Move

I sent these computer photos to Steve tonight (he just left me again for the weekend, sad, huh).  
I wanted him to know how much fun baby girl and I were having without him in an effort to lure him home quickly. 

I also wanted to capture a pic of my bump each month to see its progression. 
Its growing. I bought maternity clothes for the first time tonight.

Baby busts a move here and there throughout the day. 
She particularly likes to bust it when I sing to her in the tub.

5 months down. 5 more to go. 
Bust a move. 


You guys are pretty good guessers-  we are having a little girly!!!  We are so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.  Best day ever.  Baby girl is healthy and all her parts are proportioned and in the proper place.  The ultrasound was amazing (pics to come). She even looked right at us and gave us a little "wave."  We are so ecstatic for this little blessing in our lives and can't wait to meet our little girl- we are half way there!


Our Valentine's Day Story

Breakfast at Magleby's with my Valentine (yummers)

Dinner at Foundry Grill at Sundance (excuse the cleavage ;)

Look at that cute feller

Overnight getaway at the Cabin (wearing my cozy v-day gift)

Steve enjoying our delish homemade pancakes breakfast and his ginormous balloon
For the recipe click here

The end.


Happy Valentine's Day


Crazy of Crazies: A rant that you other AI lovers may appreciate

American Idol is the bombdiggity. Why? Because it makes me and Steve laugh really really really loud, however sometimes it makes me really really really perturbed (yes, perturbed).

American Idol is turning into a freak show.

This is why:

I could never fully explain Tatiana, and no matter how hard I try I could not fully describe her mental disorder, but those of you who watch it will know exactly what I mean when I say 

crazy child.

She's kind of like a really annoying & crazy monster. I'd be legitimately terrified to be her roommate on the show.

How the freak (no pun intended) did she make the top 36 over Jamal?!?!

disclaimer: excuse the harshness. i get really into this show if you can't already tell.  i don't feel as bad poking fun at contestants- its part of their being on the show, right? Ok maybe not... but for reals, she is insane.  if you don't believe me, watch it.


I am obsessed. Obsessed with all things house/home/baby related. Is this called "nesting?" If so, I've got it bad.

I spend hours a day on these websites drooling covetously over all things we could never afford:

(home furnishings/decorations)
(cutest baby stuff ever)

But seriously, how cute is this stuff?

And just wait until you see the adorable baby things I've gaga'd over- once I find out what I'm having. Which will be this Monday by the way (can't wait). 

(sigh) Some day... some day.......


Billy's Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes

I looooove cupcakes. A friend of mine made this recipe, taken off of Martha Stewart's website, and they looked so darn good I had to try them myself.  They were very sweet, but overall they were delish. For the recipe, click here.


Birthing Classes, Breathing Classes, Lamaze, or Whatever They are Called

My mom was telling me it would be in my best interest to take a birthing class as we got closer to our due date.  I know it may be a little early to start now but I don't even know anything about these classes, where they are located, or which is best.  Have any of you taken these, or know about them and could give me some insight? I want to start thinking about which one to do so I can be ready to sign up when the time comes. To give you an idea...

I'm looking for something along these lines:
(oh yeah! check out those massages!)

And NOT something like this:
(no offense to any hip hop dancing, belling exposing lamaze class lovers)

Any recommendations?


Rockin' The Bumpage

4 1/2 months:

- The Bump
- Morning sickness settling down 
- Appetite back and in full swing (this could probably go either way)
- Special treatment 
- My voluptuous new friends ;)

Not Loving: 
- The fatigue to the max (this kind of came out of nowhere) 
- My pale pasty/breaking out skin 
- My non-fitting clothes (more because of my "new friends")
- My brain farts (I swear, all my brain cells are focused on what is growing inside me and nowhere to be found when I need them to think- this has made for some very funny stories)