March Showers Bring May Weddings

April Showers bring May flowers but did you know March showers bring May weddings? 

Two of my cute girlfriends are getting married this May and I got to participate in their fun  bridal showers all in one week.

Shower #1: Miss Courtney Pratt 
soon to be Mrs. Christian Pena

The theme was 50's housewife (dress up required).  It was so fun! It was hosted by Ashley Marriott and her mom made everyone adorable aprons as gift favors.  

I was asked to perform a little skit (being the only pregnant woman it was inevitable) as a Home Economics teacher instructing everyone "How to be the perfect housewife" based off a real article in a housekeeping magazine in 1955. To check out the article click here. It will give you a good laugh.

The shower was so much fun, and I am so excited for Court to get married. She really is gonna make one "perfect housewife." 


Shower #2:  Miss Ashley Archibald 
soon to be Mrs. Andrew Stewart

In front of her "lingerie tree"

I had the lovely opportunity to help host this chica's shower.  No theme, just awesome food and funny games.  

My favorite game was a Mad Lib that Ashley's roommate put together for everyone to fill out (not knowing how the story would go) and then after reading them through Ashley chose the best one. I like to keep my blog PG 13-rated so I won't be able to show you ours- but I can tell you that it was filled with naughty words, and we won. I can't remember the last time I have laughed so hard in my life. 

Creating our Mad Lib masterpiece 

Ashley enjoying our Mad Lib masterpiece 

I had to show this. Its an apron with spanky panks attached. A husband's dream right? Come home to wife cooking in spanky panks. I really want one. No joke.

We did a "Get to Know the Fiance" video. What a cutie. 

Group shot. 

Host shot. 

The shower was a perfect success. I am so excited for Ash to get married.  She will be make one hot bride. 

Can't wait for their beautiful weddings to happen in May!

Oh and I'm really excited for the May flowers too. Aren't you?


Max's Baptism and a Bump thrown in for fun

A week ago when Eric asked Max who he wanted to baptize him, Max replied: "Why don't we see how a brother does it?" So that's what they did.  

The baptism was held at Steve's parents' home in Alpine. Originally it was going to be at the church, but they got booted when an elderly woman passed away (in fact- while giving a primary lesson, can you believe it?)

What took place of the church font you might ask?  Their nice bubbling hot tub. It worked out quite nicely. Afterwards Max's Dad confirmed him with the Holy Ghost. It was a beautiful blessing. 

And did I mention the weather?  If you any of you stepped outside you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It was a b-e-a-utiful first day of Spring. We ate lunch outside after the baptism, and all I could think about was how perfect it was (too bad its literally snowing outside as I'm typing this). 

And lastly, here I am at 6 months:

 People always ask me if its weird to see my boding morphing with this baby growing inside. Surprisingly enough, not really. Don't get me wrong, when I've stripped down for a shower I do have to take a second look at myself in the mirror, but I think because its been such a gradual growing process it all seems somewhat normal to me. 

Recent developments:
Love that:
- She kicks like crazy 
- I have no more sickness/weekly headaches
Hate that:
- I've developed pelvic pain (woohoo!)
- In dire need for some maternity G's 
that I have put off for way too long (on my today's to-do list)
- Sleep has become a serious issue 

Other that that I have nothing to complain about. All in all I am feeling pretty darn good. 


I got pinched

I woke up, walked out the door to class, and got pinched. So now I am fully aware of what today is and am better prepared apparel wise for walking out the house. Hope you've all had a fabulous, pinch-free St. Patty's day thus far!  


Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti

Steve's parents are out of town in Ghana so Steve and I did our own thing for Sunday dinner.  I found a recipe off this famous blog that looked pretty darn tasty and gave it a shot. It was divine and really easy to make so I thought I would share. For the detailed recipe click here.  I did mine w/o pimientos (I'm not a big fan of spicy) and it was delish. Comfort food to a T. So if you're blanking on something to make for dinner, try this one out. I am sure you will love it. 

Rex Lee Run

Steve and I ran (ok, fine, walked) the 5k Rex Lee Run for cancer yesterday. With me being prego and Steve's ankle tweaked from practice the day before we decided to take it easy. In fact, just to show you how far FAR in the back of the run we were I will give you a few details to give you the idea.  Steve and I laughed as we were passed by: 
- A five year old running with his Dad
- Mom's pushing their jogging strollers
- An eight year old in church shoes/skirt
- A 40 year old in "mom jeans"
- (and my favorite) A handicapped woman in a wheelchair (however, I justify this one because it was an electric wheelchair so technically she didn't have to exert much energy for the race, right?)

We placed 1,378(me) and 1,379 (Steve let me beat him, again) and it only took us 45 minutes and 50 seconds!  Go us!  
We had fun doing it with a couple friends of ours and even ran into my brother Taylor at the race. It was neat to see SO many people there supporting the cause, even on a frigid cold day. 

To read our experience of the 10k last year click here


My Birfday

My 23rd birthday yesterday began by waking up to this lovely number:
Gorgeous pink and white roses given by my hubbernator- they light up our room

And ended with a party:
(Lauren and Mike)

Theme: Baby Bump Birthday (guys and girls)
Attendees: (really wish I got a group shot cause I don't have a picture of everyone there) Friends and family with good humor
Location: Pizza Factory in Provo
Activities: Prizes went to closest bump to me (winner: my sis Lauren), and most real looking baby bump (winner: sis in law Lauren)

Some of the finest bumps of the evening include...

Me with my "prego" sisters Lauren and Crystal

Mike and Laur

Ashley and Andrew

Some of my absolute favorite photos of the night (special thanks to the "photographer" Joshie Pratt)

And lastly a shout out to this man for coming up with the brilliant idea. Love you babe!

All in all one hilariously fun birfday

But what do you think baby girl will say when she sees these when she's older?


Baby Chloe

I got to meet my cousin Rachel's brand new and very first baby.  Her name is Chloe. She is perfect from head to toe. We ate pizza and oo'd and ah'd over this perfectly cute teeny tiny little girl.  

Here she is with her proud papa (Jay)

Group shot with Chloe and my cuz Rachel (the lucky mama). She gave me lots of pregnancy/soon to be mother advice.  But the best was holding little Chloe and thinking that I would have a little girl that small so soon.

My hot sisters and cousin Diana (anxious now to be wives/mom's after meeting the little chica)

This night just made me even more excited for my little girl to get here. 

Can't wait :)


Buttloads of Birthdays

birthday spotlight:  Max Garrett Magleby
Steve's little bro Max turned 8 on Sunday. 
One of his favorite birthday gifts? A motor razor scooter.  We took it on a test drive around the neighborhood.  I think I'd like one of those.

He also got some sweet-awesome CALLE stuff from us. His reaction: "Sweet. Awesome!"  I mean, come on, Check out those slap bracelets!

He even got to devour a thick frosting covered, soccer ball decorated cake. I think he liked it, don't you?

We love Max because he is a cool dude. He has a funny sense of humor, is so smart, nice to others, and a blast to hang out with. 

Happy Birthday Max!  We love you!


birthday spotlight:  Ryan McBride Richards (aka "RyGuy" or a personal favorite: "Hamburger")
My little bro turned 11 today. He might be one of my favorite people. Why, you might ask?  I will give you three reasons why he is so great:
1. He can get upset really really fast.  In fact, his short temper is what has given him the nickname "hamburger." It has made for some memorable moments and good laughs. Best part is, now that we laugh about it, Ryguy laughs about it too. He has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. It is awesome. 
2. He still gives me kisses. Yup Yup, on the LIPS. Some of you might think thats a little weird... or gross... but guess what- I LOVE IT. He is a sweetheart and going to melt some girl's heart someday with those big blue eyes of his.
3. All bunched together: he is smart, athletic, witty, cute, kind-hearted, wild, and a great brother.

Ryan- you are awesome. We love you! Happy Birthday kiddo!