talents? creativity? where art thou?

{i stole this image off the blog mentioned below}

i've decided i officially fail at a little thing called talent/creativity. i've always kind of felt this way but realized it with greater intensity when my friend showed me this blog that i am completely and totally obsessed/consumed with. she makes her daughter's clothes (whose daughters are in and of themselves beautiful) and they are the cutest most trendiest little outfits i've ever seen. i want them in my size. i've learned through reading this blog that i am seriously skill-less. i need some skills. i'm determined to have some skills. it may take some time... and some serious work and patience on my part but i am going to make it happen. one step at a time. here we go...


a couple reasons to celebrate

{aren't our farmer tans hot?}
1. kate's graduation. she had a fun party up in alpine on friday to celebrate. we of course attended. how could we turn down such an awesome celebration- and stellar sunglasses?  they barbecued and jayne and i scarfed down a hamburger and a plateload of strawberries and watermelon. mmmmm. we played water volleyball with the graduating class into the wee hours of the night. it was a good time. congrats kate!

2. josephine was baptized on saturday. it took place in the very same pool we played water volleyball in the night before. she was so cute in her white dress and we are thrilled for her and her decision to be baptized. all of us sibs sang "teach me to walk in the light" (- max but + mike aka "lauren's boyfriend" who played the guitar). it was a delightful day and made for a very pleasant saturday spent with family. 


who gets sick in the summer?

well, apparently i do. i am not loving this congested, sinus burning, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose business thats been with me the past couple of days. booooooo. 

sorry for the complaint but it felt good to let it out. 

yo cold. please go away. it would be much appreciated. thanks


playground and an ice cream cone

for my last day in maryland we went to a nearby playground to let jordy run around. afterwards we went to the village to get an ice cream cone. i couldn't get over this little boy's enthusiasm smothering himself in his chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. {i know, i'm a little obsessed}.

saying goodbye to my family brought a feeling of mixed emotions. i was so excited to be back with steve but sad to be away from my family and my little nephew as each day was filled with something fun. however, they're coming out here in two weeks so it wasn't much of a goodbye at all as i'll be seeing them soon. it was a great two weeks at home. i especially enjoyed spending time with my little jordy {can you tell?}. sometimes {ok a majority of the time} i really wish he were mine. shannon keeps telling me that with how much i love jordy just wait until jayne comes. if i really am going to love jayne more {which is hard to imagine as i have serious love for that boy} than she better be ready for some major lovin'. 

by the way... did you know i have less than two months left? Only 7 weeks. Less than 50 days. holy cow. i am so excited.


"Airpane! Airpane!"

we took jordy to watch the airplanes take off at a park right by reagan national airport. he was going nuts over the many airplanes taking off and couldn't contain his excitement. it was so fun to see. the weather was gorgeous so we made some lunch and had a picnic too. 

{chillin with the little man}

{this picture cracks me up}

{watching the "airpane"s}

note to husband

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

i really really like this.


wedding weekend

the bachelorette party

we had a ladies night out at cheesecake factory for dinner for ashley's bachelorette party. we had fun getting excited for ash and her big day. we were going to go swimming and watch a movie after but all the chit-chatting followed back to my place where we stayed up late talking. it was such a fun way to have some time with her before all the wedding busyness.

the wedding dinner (the night before)

{the girlfriends}

there was a dinner for the bridal party at congressional the night before the big day. it was such a perfect evening. everything from the food, the atmosphere, the company, the toasts, the video...... it was perfect. such nice things were said about ashley and andrew and nobody could get over how perfect they are for each other. her dad even put together a photo/video montage of the both of them- it was so sweet. it really was a perfect evening.

{the sisters}

{the woman and man of the hour}

{everybody was laughing at how i had to put the napkin way up high as to not spill on my bulging belly}

the temple
the wedding ceremony was so beautiful. both of them were beaming. it was suppose to rain that day but someone was watching out for them because the weather was perfect.

the reception
one word to describe: UNBELIEVABLE. it was a dream. every little detail was accounted for. i took a ton of pictures that don't even do it justice. the decor was so personalized to them- everything from the blown up pictures of them in the entry way to the tent, to the big screen TV's inside playing their photo/video montage, to their names lit up on the dance floor.... it was amazing! the flowers, chandeliers, tables, lighting, food (amazing), dancing, you name it- was pure perfection. and so ashley. it was beautiful and amazing.

my best friend is married. i couldn't contain my happiness all weekend. i am just so thrilled for her and this step in her life. she has married an amazing man and they are going to be so happy together. it makes me so happy. the weekend was perfect in every way- i love you ash!



introducing mr. and mrs. andrew stewart. they're totally married.
everything this weekend was perfect, start to finish.
i have to tell you all about it. and i have so much to show you.
but first i need some sleep. 
photos and recap of the amazing wedding weekend to come.
{get excited}


Dear Steve,

Since we hardly get to talk for very long each day with your work and practice taking up your time all stinkin' day long (boo), I thought I'd post a little note to you on here with a recap of what your wifey and Jaynie girl did today. First of all, the weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm (yes, I was wearing sunscreen). We were going to take Jordy to the zoo to see all the animals but our plans quickly changed when we saw how jampacked it was with people today... there was an insanely long line of buses and cars just to get into the parking lot! So we ditched that idea and instead went to this really cool playground. Jordy loved it. So did we... as you can see by the following photos....

{doesn't he look so big here?}

We met up with my Dad for lunch at Ichiban (the sushi place near his VA office, yeah, I know what you're thinking). I had the "utah roll" because guess what I just so happen to miss Utah (just a little) and only because you are there.  The food was yummy and baby was satisfied (she takes after me in that area I guess). 

After dinner we went on another walk in the neighborhood. I love going on walks around here. It is so pretty I can hardly stand it. I think we need to end up somewhere that has big trees, rolling hills, and pretty colonial homes (ps. Shannon said Georgia was everything I had told her it would be- she's already agreed to move there with us- the plan is in motion already). Any way, we had fun on our little walk...Jordy is mr.independent and liked to push the stroller around- by himself.
{i can't get enough of his cheezy smile}

We even got a picture of me with my insanely large bump, aka baby girl (do you like how my shirt just barely makes it over). She kicks and rolls all day long. I know she's missing you're voice and touch. For now she gets lots of lovin' from the other kiddos around here. You can see the tape on my leg where my stitches are. Nice, huh. My Dad says it should heal nicely (we should get the test results back tomorrow to find out whether that lovely mole was not so lovely after all-hopefully the former).
When did my bump all of a sudden get so freakin big?!! I don't know how its suppose to get any bigger and I already feel ready to bust.
I wish I could be with you snuggling up to AI. I'm anxious to see who goes home tonight.  I love how you love that show with me. 
Tomorrow wedding festivities begin. I wish you could be here to enjoy it all with me. The romantic lovey-dovey air that will surely be present this weekend is going to make me miss you like crazy. Only one more week. I love you. 

your wifey