here i am with the finished product, my baby blanket for jayne.

one more week to go. i have no complaints. my pregnancy has been so good to me. i will miss my big belly (seriously, its true), but will trade the bump for holding my baby girl in my arms in a heartbeat.

you guys, i'm so excited. words can hardly express.

hence, i don't have much else to say.

i hope you are all having a lovely week.


big steps for CALLE

Steve Nash/Theirry Henry sporting CALLE at the hotel

Professional basketball player Steve Nash and professional soccer player Claudio Reyna put on their second annual charity soccer match in NYC to benefit underprivileged youth for their respective charity foundations. The big event is called the Showdown in Chinatown where they get famous basketball and soccer players to come play a soccer game. The coolest thing about it though is that they asked CALLE to be the Offical Apparel Sponsor and provide all the gear for the players to wear. This was such a HUGE HUGE opportunity for CALLE to get some awesome exposure since there was tons of news coverage, big names, lots of fans and people, and all the players were DECKED out in CALLE apparel, sporting the pigeon. Some of these famous players included Steve Nash, Claudio Reyna, Thierry Henry, Tony Parker, Javier Zanetti, Adrian Mutu, Chris Bosh, Ivan Cordoba, Grant Hill, and Giovanni van Brockhurst.

For those of you who don't know, CALLE is the company Steve and his buddy Travis started a few years ago, a fashion clothing brand for soccer players (or fans alike), along with other products centered around street soccer.  It is their pride and joy and it has been so fun watching it grow and become more popular and loved by those who also appreciate the game. Steve left me (two weeks from my due date fyi) to be there for this amazing opportunity and I couldn't be more excited and happy as to how well everything went down.

To watch a video of the event click here.

I stole these pictures off of Steve's cousin's blog who was there to help capture the big event. I am so proud of Steve and the great amount of work, effort, and time (oh the time) he has put in (as well as those who also work with him) to bring CALLE where it is today... can't wait to see where it goes in the future. I only expect greater things.

Grant Hill being interviewed pregame (notice the CALLE shirt he is wearing covered with all the sponsors)

Tony Parker in the Linha shirt and holding the Primero/Grant Hill sporting the pigeons on the Diego

Signing autographs


The players sported the Via shorts and the Diego and Linha shirts. Tony Parker even played in the Rilo shoes, which were just released.



Afterwards they had an after party where they auctioned this CALLE shirt for nearly $700!!!

I know as wifey I'm entitled to brag and be proud, but I hope you guys find it as exciting as I do!

(thank you angie and klane for getting these up so fast! what a treat!)



My sister Shannon and her little boy Jordan came to stay with me in Provo for the past three weeks.  It was perfect for me to have them here as it made what could have been a long month of pregnancy go by so fast. It was the best having fun stuff to do each day with these two.  It was so nice to not be all alone while Steve works and just relax and have fun. My sister was also an angel in helping me get ready for the baby to come. We got SO much done that probably would have been put off to the last minute if she wasn't here to help me do it. They left early this morning and I couldn't be more distressed and sad. I will admit I am a bawling mess and would give anything to have them be here right now. I miss them like crazy already. So, in my downer mood I wanted to reminisce and blog about all the fun we had while they were here. 

(Jordy in the airport on his way to visit)

Our days were spent with....

Picnics with family (Jordan with his cousin Weston and his mama)

Walks around the neighborhood....

... stopping to see and feed the ducks (he loved this)

Walks to the creamery. Jordan all bundled up (and probably asleep) as we spot a rainbow.

Celebrated Jordy's 2nd birthday with Breakfast at Magleby's...

...and a pool party at my in-laws. 

Took him to see the poppy fields

Cheered for Steve at the soccer games..

... he loves soccer and soccer balls. 

Went to see Jordy's other Grandpa's fire truck. 

Went to the Arts Festival Fair in Springville. It downpoured on us but it was still a treat with funnel cake and watching Jordy go on the rides. 

I got to wake up to this every day. Jordy usually snuggled up in blankets watching "vroom vroom" (the movie Cars)

We went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo. Jordy loved the dirt bike jumps at the end.

Went to a nearby community pool. Jordy loved wearing my sunglasses. 

More walks... this one along the Provo river. 

Went to a friend's wedding reception and met Mitt Romney. (I know, kind of random, but we felt really cool!!!)

Best of all was seeing this face every day. I love my little nephew so much (I think if he really understood the extent of my love he would probably be a little concerned). It was such a treat having him here with me for three weeks. As much as I know these next two weeks will be a good time for me to prepare myself for my little girl to get here, I still wish Jordy were mine forever.  He is such a sweet loving little boy. Shan, thank you so much for making the past three weeks so fun for me. It was so nice just chillin', hanging out, and going out to do things each day with you.  I wish you lived here so bad.  You were so AMAZING to help me get so much done (from baby stuff to motivating me to work on my I.S.). I know I could not have done nearly as much without you here. I am so glad you were able to come out and I really hope we can make this an annual (or biannual...triannual..) tradition. It could be "camp utah" for Shan and Jordy. What do you think? 

I love you guys so much and miss you already. 



(steve with my nephew jordy at the poppy fields)

Steve's going to be the best Daddy to our little girl. Here is why:

- He gives the best backtickles and backrubs and Jayne is going to love her lotion rubdowns after bath time.
- He loves to snuggle and cuddle and what baby doesn't love that?
- He is fun and active and loves to play with the little people (refer to above picture)
- He loves to give kisses and I know he will smother her with them daily
- He is so kind and patient which will be so important with a new little baby
- He is so excited for her to come and I know they are going to have one special little bond together. 

Happy Father's Day lover. You are the best. 

And lastly, a shout out to these amazing men who have played a big role in each of our lives. We love you so much. Happy Father's Day!


Ty and Krystyna


Our good friends Tyler and Krystyna tied the knot this Saturday.  Not only are they one amazing good-looking couple, but they are perfect for each other in every way. They compliment each other so well and really bring the best out in each other. Congrats guys, we love you!

(her gorgeous bouquet and the adorable "W" for Winn that she made herself!)


Getting ready


Jayne's room is finally complete. It has been so fun getting it all ready for her arrival. I love peeking in on it just to get even more excited for her to be living in all its cuteness. I have had a lot of help getting it to where it is. All of the furniture was given to us to use by my amazing in-laws. They have been so good to us. My sister-in-law Lauren helped me paint the room the pretty sky blue. My sister Shannon has been a huge help as she has been here staying with me the past few weeks to help me get ready for her arrival. We painted the dresser in the room and got all the cute little things hung on the walls. I would be stressing out to the max if she wasn't here to get me going on all the last things I needed to get done. We have cleaned all Jayne's clothes (they smell oh so Dreft baby clean), put them away, stocked on all the little essentials (diapers, wipes, nursing pads, etc.) and have them all put where they belong. We finally found and purchased THE stroller and car seat that we love (I was super picky and absolutely love our final choice). It feels SO GOOD to feel ready. At least as ready as I can be at this point, with the reassurance that if she were to come that things are in some order. One of the best feelings was finishing the blanket yesterday that I have been making for her. It only took me a couple days (but a long time to actually get started). I will post the picture of it as soon as its out of the wash. I can't wait to snuggle up with her in it.

My thoughts and feelings have been in so many places lately as I have realized my baby girl is going to be here with us in only three weeks time (or less- but hopefully not much less). At our birthing class on Tuesday we watched a video of a birth and I started crying. It kind of came over me out of nowhere-  I was just so overwhelmed at the thought of that being me, finally able to meet and get to know the little being that has been with me 24/7 for nine whole months. And my life is about to change completely. My time will be completely devoted to this tiny little person. My needs no longer come first as her's become principal. I am no longer my own- but now the mother, nurturer, caretaker of her and my prime responsibility becomes making sure she is happy and safe and taken care of. And surprisingly I wouldn't have this any other way. I have so much love for her already and I haven't even met her yet. That is so amazing to me how that can happen. I am amazed at how life takes its course. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was a little girl with my mom and dad and family. Now Steve and I are creating our own family together and I am about to be a mother (a mother!) and steve a daddy to our own little girl.  I feel so blessed. I hope she will know how much love I have had for her from the moment I knew she was there, and I hope I will always remember how this felt to have her inside and a part of me. It is such a miracle it really is.