thoughts on a wednesday


its 4:05 and i just finished putting jayne down for her nap. i should be napping right now too, because i'm so so so SO tired, but napping kind of screws up my bedtime even more than it already is so there you have it. earlier today jayne and i did another lovely photobooth photo shoot. i love that girl. i love how she gets all bug-eyed when we do it like the computer is going to eat her or something. i tried so hard to get her to smile and it just wasn't happening. sorry folks.



jayne is so freakin' cute. i know i'm her mom and all, and yeah i'm biased, whatever, but seriously she is so freakin' cute!!! i can't get enough of her. really. some of her recent things... she loves to stand up. loves it. her legs are getting so strong and she will stand on them for forever if you just balance her with her hands. its so cute. she also loves to smile and squeal super high pitched (yeah you wouldn't know it by these pictures). she smiles nonstop all day long (that is, if she isn't starving or really really tired). she smiles at the little baby in the mirror each time we go by it (they are the best of friends). she smiles when i come in to get her out of her crib. she smiles when i change her diaper. she smiles all the time. that little smile makes my days and nights SOOOOOO worth it. i'm so incredibly grateful for this stinker. each day i feel like the luckiest mom. you know what i mean?


any who- random thoughts going on at the moment. yesterday i dropped wa-a-AY (emphasis on the "AY") too much money at Target the other day. is it just me or does every single item of clothing run RIDICULOUSLY too big? jayne is an average sized baby. i swear that clothes are sized specifically for jumbo sized babies. i'm sorry if i have offended any of you whose babies fit perfectly into every item of clothing for each age. i'm really just jealous that you can trust the clothes you buy and the size it says on the tag. any way my point was.. i had to spend a lot of money buying jayne some more NEWBORN SIZE warmer clothes for the fall. yes, she still fits into NB size. i think it will be a couple more months before she fits into size 3 months, even though she'll be exactly that in a week and a half. what was my point here? i'm not really sure. oh yeah, how i had to spend a lot of money because she doesn't fit into any of her fall clothes yet and because stores make their clothes too big. enough of my rant. moving on...




thanks to those of you who gave me some awesome photographer names. and if you don't know what i'm talking about- check out the post below. steve and i are going to check them out, do a little thinking (and a little persuading on my part) and make a decision. can't wait to get some cute family photos. photobooth gets a little old after a while. just kidding. it totally never gets old although i'm sure you are sick of all of these photos already..

just one more...

well i gotta go get dinner ready. we're having homemade pizza. yum. for the recipe click here. this chica has oodles and oodles of yummy recipes. a personal favorite? peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

its a sinful treat that i make wa-a-AY too much.

hope you're all having a lovely week.


family photo: help me

{insert awesome family photo of us here}

guys- i need your opinions ASAP. i want to get some NICE family photos taken of my little fam before it gets too cold, you know to cherish for the many years down the road, frame it for our house, and maybe make for some nice christmas cards (if i'm not too lazy to send them out). i need some recommendations of who you think would be PERFECT. i'm looking for a great photographer but not too pricey (actually not pricey at all according to steve- but i understand you got to give and take a little bit if you want nice photos). please shout out some photographers you've had and loved, seen others have and loved, someone you've heard excellent things about, great photographer websites you've visited, etc. etc.



coach steve

some of you may not know that steve coaches a little boys soccer team (10 year olds). they're called the Rangers and boy are they a cute group of kids. little jayne and i have been lucky to attend some of their games and its always so fun to see steve interact/lead this team of boys. what is cutest is that they absolutely adore steve. it is so cute. on more than a few occasions i've been approached by their parents who tell me this. it really melts my heart- he is so good with them and he LOVES coaching them. and although i know steve would rather be on the field than on the sidelines, its so good to see him continue being a part of what he loves most- soccer.

me trying to get a picture of myself intently watching the game. i actually had no clue what the score was. jayne takes most of my attention at these things.

fishy face and a very concerned jayne

she got so tired near the end of the game and just zonked out. she loves her little softy up on her face like that. in fact, she usually always falls asleep with her face full on in her soft blankets (sometimes i wonder how she breathes).


birthday shout out: lauren elizabeth magleby


this is a birthday shout out to jayne's aunt lauren (steve's sister) who turned 23 today. she is currently on a study abroad in jerusalem. we sure miss her around these parts. for those of you who know (or don't know) lauren, one would agree that she is one amazing little lady. she is oober talented. yes, oober talented. i only use that term for those that have the UTMOST talent and creativity there is. lauren is an exceptional baker, crafter, sewer, styler, decorator, singer, dancer, you name it and she can do it perfectly. she is also a wonderful sister, fiance (right mike?), daughter, aunt, and friend. we love you lauren! happy birthday! hope you have the best day!


restaurant review


steve and i had dinner at this new burger place in town called stumpy burger. we always drove by it on center street on our way to the highway and have wanted to see what its all about for awhile. after checking reviews online that said stuff like "best burger in town" i knew we had to go. it definitely met if not exceeded my expectations. the burger was REALLY REALLY good. the meat tastes so fresh and has the best flavor. the restaurant itself is pretty cool too. the menu is simple- they don't even offer lettuce and tomato because according to the owners "it distracts from the flavor of the burger." and its not a bad deal. for just a little over six bucks you can get a burger, fries, and drink. they also have their own signature burger sauce. and did i mention that the owners who work there wear racoon tails on their bums? if there food wasn't so good i might have been a little creeped out...


my review? "best burger in town." and i'll definitely be going back. very soon.

you should go try it.

these guys liked it too.



pictures courtesy of steve's iphone


hat weather


this early morning it was a whopping 45 degrees. we woke up to the banging and cranking of our water heater trying to wake up from its summer rest. baby girl woke up at 4 in the morning with one freezing hand and 10 freezing toes. they were icy cold. i don't know how she squirms her way out of her deathlock blanket wrap grip and kicks off her socks. it amazes me.

a special thanks to the man who got up with her to rebundle her up and help her back to sleep so i could keep sleeping. you're a real keeper.

after little chicky spit up TWICE all over herself during her morning feeding, we decided it was time for a bath. a nice warm bath. she was loving it. i felt bad when we had to take her out-her big lips were icy purple as we were drying her off and getting her dressed it was so cold. so we bundled her up in some nice warm clothes and plopped on her hat. she was content. and finally, she was warm.

i can't believe its already getting to that time now... hat weather.

i do miss the summer. it was way too short in my book. what i'd give for a few more pool days and simple onesies on my baby girl. for now we'll turn on the heat, whip out our fall clothes, and enjoy the cute little hats and tiny numbers jayne has for the cold months ahead. i've decided i really want a cute hat like that for myself. i am going to start my search today... i'll let you know what i find.

happy fall to you all!

and this is just for fun----


mm mm mmmm i love that face!


tummy time: the solution.

she despises it so much she's already figured out how to get off. what a trickster!

{took this video on my phone.. once again, horrible quality. we need our own video camera badly!}



i love her silly face.

and i love this new program you can download here.

on another note...


i want some good quality sleep. i want some pass-out-sleep at night just like jayne is passed out in my arms in this picture. i'm tired of waking up every 3 hours in the night and desperately trying to fall back asleep. oh and i'm not waking up because of jayne. i'd like to think i was getting up for a good cause. no, no, jayne is passed out all night just sleeping away... like that picture. i hate her. jk, i love her- but i hate that she sleeps better than i do. its not fair. its killing me guys. any advice??? my doctor recommended sleeping pills... what a concept, like i hadn't thought of that already... they don't work people. i still wake up but then i have extra grogginess with it to boot. it was horrible. someone give me the brilliant answer to my problem, please! i'm desperate! oh and don't leave me with something like, "welcome to mommyhood" or i might just strangle you. thanks.



and she really wrote it all by herself guys. she amazes me every single day.


see jayne workout... sort of

little jayne middie isn't particularly fond of tummy time anymore. we failed to have her do it the three weeks we were at deep creek. when we came home i made it a top priority to do a good amount every day to make up for lost time. i guess that break made her realize how much she really enjoys NOT doing tummy time. every time i put her on her tummy she just hangs out like a lazy bum. only when i motivate her by turning her head so its face down on the blanket (forcing her to lift it if she wants to breathe... is that abuse?) or putting her arms closer to her chest will she finally perk up, lift her head for a few seconds and then go straight back down to her lazy position. here... see for yourself:


me: "ok little lady, its time to do some tummy time! are you ready?"
jayne: "for reals mom? you know nothing will happen if you put me on my tummy..."
me: "oh c'mon, it ain't so bad... you'll see..."


me: "are you really just gonna sit there like a lazy bum the whole time?"
jayne: "mom, i told you, i don't feel like doing this. it seems so ridiculous to huff and puff and grunt while trying to lift my head for your enjoyment."

me: "ha! don't be silly. its to strengthen your head so you can sit up soon. do you want to be a flat head???"
jayne: "no. but i'm just so tired..."


jayne: "i wish i could just fly, fly far far away, like mr. bird, to a land of no tummy time."
me: "ha ha, oh please, talk about dramatic. look, just lift your head a few times and we'll call it a day."
jayne: "uh, FINE!"


jayne: "happy?"
me: "yes"


jayne: "good, cause thats all you're getting out of me. i'm done."
me: "c'mon... just a little bit more?"
jayne: "ten extra minutes of play time on my play mat? take it or leave it."
me: "deal."


jayne: (grunt) (huff) (bark)
dayna: "good girl!!!"


big daddy: "what's going on in here?!"
dayna: "oh, you know, a little tummy time."
jayne: "dad! oh, i'm so glad you're here. save me from this torture!!"


big daddy: "oh jaynie girl... come here and lie on daddy's tummy. tell me what mom's been making you do."


jayne: "oh dad, it was horrible, she forced me on my tummy and said if i didn't lift my head she'd deprive me from my playmat, from my binky, and worst of all, the boob!"
big daddy: "no... not the boob! that's awful!"
jayne: "i know, right?"

(little does chicky know that she's been lifting her head on daddy's tummy for a good while this whole time...muwahaha!)


me: "jayne! you just lifted your head the whole time you were on daddy!"
jayne: "what? wait a second.... i was tricked! i was scammed! i was..... ah.... whatever. thats cool. can i play on my playmat now?

what a little stinker. makes for a great story though, right? this is what happens when you're running on little sleep, baby is napping, and its time to update the good ole' blog.

ps. that last pictures makes me want to munch on that belly button.


2 month stats


10 lb 6 oz 50th percentile
23 1/2 in. long 90th percentile
40 cm. head circum. 80th percentile


she got shots on her two chunky thighs (i love her now chunky thighs). she cried, and then zonked out to sleep as soon as she got in her car seat.


doc recommended infant tylenol but jayne seemed perfectly fine when i got home so we did without. BIG MISTAKE. she woke up from the end of her nap screaming bloody murder and could not be consoled until the meds which i hurried and gave her kicked in. sad day.


did i mention i love these chunky thighs? she is finally getting some good quality meat on those bones and its the best!


what a champ!


see jayne meet a boy

jayne met her first newborn baby boy last night. the little tyke is ripkin ("rip") robbins, our friends courtney and josh's boy. josh works for CALLE but he and his wife live in California. they were in town for a family wedding so we had them up to the cabin with tyler and his wife (who also works for CALLE) for a night of catching up and seeing there new boy. he is all boy- from his boyish look, to his boyish name. i mean, really, if a kid has the name "rip" he is bound to be the bad boy soccer star that all the girls have the hots for. his name is rip for goodness sakes, you can just see all the teenage girls telling their friends, "rip is so hot" "omg rip just got a red card" "rip has the best abs ever." you get the point.

well it was fun catching up with the robbins and talking with court about motherhood. to read more about her thoughts check out her blog here. her witty sarcasm and humor makes my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. court- i hope you don't mind that i just advertised your blog on my own. i figured you wouldn't. but really, you should read her blog. it will give you something to do for a long time if you don't have anything to do, or it will make you get nothing done you need to get done (like it did for me today when i got sucked into it).

anywho, jayne was a little unsure but intrigued, that is, until rip started screaming bloody murder and jayne got all bug eyed. i was still determined to have jayne kiss him so we could have proof and tease them for it when they're older. can't you just see how fun that would be 15 years down the road when we all get together? i think it will be pretty awesome.

jayne went a little above and beyond our request when she started licking the poor guy's scalp. we thought it was pretty funny- especially court.

i'm sorry court, i had to. your face is priceless in this pic!


and she's all ours

can't get over this cute chicky
she loves this guy
me holding back my urge to "eat" her cheeks for the sake of the photo

we feel pretty darn lucky.

took these shots before heading to david pratt's wedding reception. it was fun seeing old friends and catching up with those from back home. little chicky had fun too and stayed up waaayyyy past her bedtime. she's a party animal.


thoughts on mommyhood


i've had my jaynie baby for 2 whole months now.

before i had jayne i always wondered why people would say "having a baby is the hardest but greatest thing ever." those two very different words, "hardest" and "greatest," put together, never really made much sense to me.

the other night steve and i had given jayne a bath and we had her dressed in her pj's on the bed. the little lady was kicking her legs, looking up at the both of us just smiling and squealing away with such enthusiasm, her eyes wide open, very alert, and just so dang happy. it was one of those moments that burns your heart with such joy, and you know you'll remember that moment for a long time.

and its the reason i love mommyhood.

but my life has taken a huge 180 turn. i can hardly sleep at night as i wake up every 3 or 4 hours (like a baby, seriously) for no reason at all. jayne gets better sleep then i do, go figure. my days are filled with endless breast feeding, diaper changes, baby talk, and clean up. no longer can i just run out the door to do what i want to do. my life is all about her. sometimes i'm so exhausted i don't know how i am going to get through the day. and sometimes it gets hard. like, "am i really suppose to have more children?" kind of hard.

but then i have those moments... the times she smiles at me, or just gives me the cutest blank stare, when she gets so excited about the simplest things, when she looks in my eyes when she's eating, when she cries and i can't help but laugh because her face is so cute when she cries, when she snuggles up on me and smells like heaven, and the times she's sleeping so peacefully i can't help but sneak in the room and just look at her kind of moments.

and it all becomes so worth it. no matter what the challenge.

and so now i get it. it all makes sense. it truly is the hardest most greatest thing that ever happened. and i wouldn't trade my mommyhood for anything else in the world.

see jayne at two months old: