today is grandma middie's birthday, or great grandma middie according to jayne. she is a very special lady and jayne's middle name was given after her. grandma middie is a one of a kind woman and there are many reasons why we love and appreciate her so much.

first off, she is so loving, kind, and generous, especially to her family. she is quick to see how we're all doing, what's new in our lives, and is always willing to give, whether its in little gifts or her time.

grandma middie has some serious spunk. she is more with it at her age than some people are twenty years younger than she. she loves auctions and has a great eye for beautiful things. when she finds little treasures at these auctions she gives them to her family and they are wonderful keepsakes for us that remind us of her love for us.

grandma middie has a funny sense of humor. she loves to laugh and loves a good time. this makes being around her so fun and enjoyable.

what makes grandma middie such a great example to us all is her love for the gospel and her strong testimony of it. she is quick to share and stand up for what she knows is right and true. this creates a light about her that you instantly see and feel when around her. it makes her a happy person and makes those around her happy too.

grandma middie not only loves her immediate and extended family, but also has a deep love and appreciation for those who came before her. she knows a great deal about her family history and is proud of her heritage. she does a wonderful job of keeping her ancestors' legacies alive through stories passed down to her children and grandchildren.

we love grandma middie and feel so lucky to have her in our lives. we hope our little jayne middie carries her name well, and acquires many of the fine attributes that grandma middie has that we love so much.

happy birthday grandma! we love you!


twenty six

steve with jayne in maryland over thanksgiving

twenty six years my steverino turned today. i tease him that he is now closer to thirty than he is to twenty. weird.

last night we celebrated with his family. after dinner we sang happy birthday, ate delicious cupcakes and cream pie (thanks to lauren, mike, & kate) and all went around the table saying why we love steve (a richards tradition that has now become a magleby one too). there is a rule: you have to start off by saying "i love (birthday person name)..." and then give the reason why. there is no "i like" or "he/she's great cause..." no. "i love" only. it makes it more awesome that way (especially when we have guests at the time who don't really even know the birthday person well at all).

so, wanna know why i love steve?

well, many reasons, but the reasons i gave last night were:

i love steve because he is so loving and he cares so much about me. if i'm ever feeling sick, or with the blues, he will be quick to give me a massage, ask me what's wrong or what he can do. i also realized this loving characteristic about him even more when jayne was born. he loves her so much and that is so tender for me to see. steve is also extremely hard working and cares a lot about taking care of and providing for his family. one thing i especially appreciate about steve as my husband, is the great balance he gives to our relationship. while i am someone to stress and worry and overanalyze a situation ( even more so with jayne than anything else) he is so good at bringing me to level ground, and calming my nerves and easing the situation. he is a great peacemaker. i love that about him! lastly, his down right sexy good looks, funny sense of humor, kindness, and patience are all extra reasons why i love this man so much.

happy birthday babe. can't imagine my life without you by my side.

want to be a part of the tradition? why do you love steve?
i know he'd love to hear why (even if you don't even know him well, or at all!)


happy faces

last night (after an awesome family christmas party up in alpine) we went to the BYU basketball game. this time we brought jayne. i was worried she might cry because of the startling noise and that we'd have to take turns taking her out the whole time (like the last and only time we had brought her a few weeks ago), but she did surprisingly fine this time around. she was a little uneasy for the first two minutes, but when we put on her hat to stifle the noise she was as happy as could be.

lately jayne has become more and more interested in the things around her and loves to grab and suck on anything within reach. we were all getting a kick out of her complete obsession with lauren's water cup at the game. something about the shininess of it was totally drawing her in and she was reaching and ready to put it in her mouth. it was pretty funny.
(the face she makes when she sees the cup)

she was being so darn cute we took some pictures of her at the game. this morning when i was looking through steve's phone at all the pictures on it, i was loving how happy this little chicky is. i just thought i'd share with you some of her happy faces as of late.

speaking of happy, its been a happy past few days. steve's sister, lauren, got back from jerusalem late thursday night and it has been so nice to have her back! we sure missed her. on friday we made gingerbread houses, saturday we had a fun family christmas party, and now today we'll be celebrating steve's birthday (which is on monday) with steve's family. maybe best of all, was that i actually slept a little better last night. fell asleep fast and only woke up a couple times for a few minutes. may not sound all that great but it was awesome for me. hoping to get to that light at the end of the tunnel real soon. until then i'll just keep enjoying my little happy baby.


temple lights

wednesday night we went with steve's family to see the lights at temple square in salt lake city. i had jayne in (you guessed it) the marshmallow suit again. i told you i was going to put her in it soon. this was the perfect opportunity as it was cold and we were outside for awhile. it was fun seeing all the many colored lights, the floating candles on the water, the nativity scene, etc. jayne wasn't all that interested but i think she had a decent time chillin' in her bjorn while we walked around. afterward we headed over to settebello's for some yummy (and i mean yummmmy) pizza. we got five pizzas to share and i was sure that we wouldn't eat it all. i was wrong. if you haven't seen the lights you should go check them out. they don't come on until 6pm as they are trying to conserve energy this year (we got there around 5:30 and wish we had known this). afterwards head over to settebello's pizzeria. you won't be disappointed.



this is me being a little (ok, A LOT) obsessed with jayne in this incredibly cute ensemble, specially ordered for jayne, from her grandma monette (she is not messing around with this grandma title, let me tell you. she has taken it on in a big way and has spoiled jayne with numerous absolutely ADORABLE items. and this little girl knows it too. but seriously, how can she not give in to that face?! THAT FACE. it needs to just stop being so darn cute or i might die. can you die from cuteness overload? ok moving on....) we did a little (ok, fine, A BIG) photoshoot after sunday dinner. and boy oh boy was she loving the attention. i was able to narrow down my numerous photos to 10. yes, i know thats still a big number but it was impossible to narrow it any further.




and a view from behind...





and lastly, a close up of that FACE i was telling you about...





5 months


our little jayne middie turned five months old today.

this little booger cracks us up. she really has such a funny personality. for example: she has this new thing, her "cough." You see, its a fake cough. And she loves to bust it out all the time. Why, you ask? I have no idea, other than she discovered the cough when she had a real cough, and now she loves to keep doing it. Quite hysterical. When she does it I ask her if she's got the black lung cause it reminds me of the cough that Derek Zoolander does when he's telling his Dad, "I think I've got the black lung pop." I'll have to try and get it on video sometime.

jayne's likes and dislikes are totally becoming more apparent now as her personality is starting to really show. she loves tubby time. no matter how tired or cranky she is, the minute we put her in, it is just absolute happiness on her face and she will splash around forever. she loves to suck on her pointer finger on her left hand. just a little quirk about her. she loves to have "squeal conversations" where she squeals really high at me, and then I squeal really high back at her, and it goes back and forth until my throat hurts.


little jaynie does not like waiting to eat after her nap (she's on the play, sleep, eat schedule you see). at all. and i mean the longest she has ever had to wait is like 30 seconds. the time it takes for me to just whip it out (sorry if that was a little too vivid). but she will scream bloody murder until she is finally chowing down. it is pretty funny. she does not like tummy time. she's opened up a little bit to it, as in, she will contently stay on her tummy for maybe 12 seconds until she starts to whine. oh well. i don't blame her. she also does not like it when i have to clean her nose out. she will move that head so fast that its impossible to clean or wipe. i guess most babies probably don't like that, but its just something we've recently discovered with jayne as her nose has been booger infested since winter came around.

little chicky continues to drool constantly, her hair still sticks straight up (i love it! when it falls it will be a sad day for me), she loves to stick her tongue out, suck on her hands, lift up her legs when she's on her back, loves to stand on her legs, play with her toys, play with daddy, give slobber kisses and gummy smiles, laughs when daddy tickles her at night or when we do peekaboo (she LOVES peekaboo)...

i really don't ever want to forget her at this age. i feel like i have to document every little thing so i can look back and remember this time that i cherish so much right now. its going by so fast. i knew that it would, but i didn't realize it would be this fast. too fast.

we love you baby girl. happy five months!


marshmallow baby


crystal came over yesterday and with the sky falling in giant white puffs, i knew it was time.

time to whip out the "marshmallow suit."


this here is the "marshmallow suit," courtesy of jayne's grandma monette. the perfect item for bundling little chicky warm in times like this with cold and snow and all. called "marshmallow" because it is plush and squishy and looks like a giant pink marshmallow (and I couldn't really think of anything else to call it at the time).

the best thing about this suit (besides the fact that she looks ridiculously cute and i want to eat her up when she's in it) is that her arms only reach barely half way in the armhole, same with the legs, but when she has it on it really just makes her look like a big marshmallow baby and you wouldn't know that its about twice her size. we were cracking up the minute we got her in it.


we had to test its durability to the cold weather and snowfall. sure enough, little chicky was as warm as could be amidst her rosy nose and cheeks.


the ultimate test was to see how it would stand against the freezing snowy ground itself. we plopped her in it good, just to be sure.


toasty warm still. she was slightly disturbed by the snowflakes falling into her eyes, but not complaining! the marshmallow suit exceeded our expectations. she'll be wearing it again here very soon so keep your eyes out for it.


thanks to crystal for being photographer. jayne sure loves you.

PS. I am absolutely loving the snow. albeit cold, the white just makes it all better somehow. my favorite is jayne discovering this beautiful creation of our Heavenly Father's for the very first time (besides a sneak peak out the window on an earlier date). all these firsts make this time of year all the more fun.


its beginning to feel a lot like christmas

oh man do i love christmastime!!! it just gives the year its perfect ending.

while we were in maryland, my aunt suzanne had our big gang over for pizza and milkshakes. her basement is decked out in 50's christmas decorations. we had fun dancing to 50's music on her juke box and eating yummy food. my aunt was so generous to even give each of us christmas gifts to get us in the christmas mood. it definitely worked. by the end of the night i was giddy with christmas spirit.

our little family

kev was the milk shake master
my aunt got jayne this adorable santa hat. if only her head wasn't jumbo sized she probably would have liked wearing it.
jordy "fishing" for his gift
elyse wearing her new blanket and tiara
my aunts cute tree

taylor's toe slotted socks. he put them on as soon as he got them.

and just for fun... here are some videos we took with our jaynie girl

daddy daughter dance

jayne laughing her head off at elyse

mommy daughter dancing