(birthdays cont.): uncle ryan turns 12

"While we're on the subject of uncles and birthdays... today is my Uncle Ryan's birthday. Sometimes I miss him so much that I just spend hours and hours by the window thinking about him and wishing he lived closer. Today was one of those days"

"My mom usually gets on my case and tells me I should be doing something better with my time. But I don't listen to her. My heart aches too much to do anything else."

"And when this happens my mom will try to get me to laugh or to smile to help me feel better but this is all I can give."
"And I just wonder what he's doing back there in maryland, thousands of miles away.
Does he even miss me?"
"Then my mom reminds me of how he's going to be out here in a few weeks to go skiing with all my other aunts and uncles."
"And that he'll be here for a whole week. Can't help but smile now. Oh man am I excited. I can't wait!"

Happy 12th Birthday Uncle Ryan! We love you and miss you like crazy!
xoxoxo Dayna & Steve & Jayne


Shannon and Kevin said...

she is the best baby to photograph! She actually will give you good facials and poses. I am just in awe over how beautiful she is. I miss her like crazy and what to kiss those moist lips...mmmmm

Shannon and Kevin said...

I meant to write "want", not "what"

The Romney Family said...

Oh, these make me laugh! Something about a picture of an ADORABLE little baby with very adult-y captions... Just too cute.

Angie said...

So cute! Okay I am sitting at the BYU volley ball game right now and you and Steve are about 10 rows in front of us. But I don't hve your cell # to get your attention! Haha. Glad you guys are having a little night out together. I'll try to catch you and say hi so I'm not a stalker. Haha.

Crystal said...

HAHAH! I was laughing so hard! Why are you so funny? I miss jayne. and ryan too of course!