for shannon


today is my sister shannon's birthday. i'm going to share with you some reasons why i love her so incredibly much. as my older sister she is someone i have always looked up to in every single way. i've always wanted to do everything she has done (and still do). from ballet, to poms, to college, marriage, to babies, you name it. she has set the perfect pathway to follow and i seriously attribute any successful decision in my life partly to her and the example she has set for me (for all of my siblings really). best thing about my sister is her sense of humor and her peaceful personality. my most aching belly moments from laughing too hard have been with her. she also just has such an easy going way about her that makes anytime being with her so comfortable and fun. what i appreciate a lot about my sister is knowing that i can go to her for anything. she always seems to have such wise answers for any question or worry in my life. she is someone i know i can always depend on. she's always there. she always wants the best for me and that means more than anything.

happy birthday shan. i love you!

ps. and just for fun i'm throwing the rest of the photos from our shoot in honor of your birthday. i think you'll like them---







because its friday


i'm so glad its friday. now that i'm back in school i can enjoy the difference of a weekend. no school, no waking up before my baby to get ready for 8 o'clock sewing lab. saturday is once again a special day for me. thats one of the few upsides to being back in school. tonight i am staying in with the company of my sisters while steve takes off for a brand new concert with his buddy tyler. tomorrow i'll wake up with jayne and we'll go for a run in preparation for the half marathon i'm officially registered for as of two nights ago. yikes. i'm nervous, but mostly excited. to top off our day steve and i are going to the byu vs. univ. of utah basketball game with his fam. front row seats... you can slap their bottoms if you want to (which I almost did once, seriously). with high spirits today, i was in the mood to do a little photo shoot with the jaynester. she's just so stinkin' cute i can't resist making her the focus of each photo session. love this little bugger so much.








hope you're all having a lovely day. enjoy your weekend!



so i've been hooked on a few things lately.

1. THE BACHELOR. i use to be obsessed with it in high school. my best friend and i were devoted to watching every season, but i just kind of fell out of love with it after that. everyone kept telling me how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G this season was (seriously, i have heard a bunch of people use that exact word to describe it) so i caved in and caught up on the show through hulu. now i am hooked! sure its a silly show.... quite ridiculous really, but talk about ENTERTAINMENT to the max. the guy is such a gooberface, a hopeless romantic, 100% cheezy, but the fact that he LITERALLY believes he is going to find a wife and get married with one of those girls makes me want to see if he'll actually prove himself right. plus the female crazies make it all the more fun to watch. do any of you watch it? who do you like the best?

2. FROSTED MINI WHEATS. i have this for breakfast almost every day. this was a cereal i use to pass by every time in the grocery store with zero interest to buy whatsoever. my mom use to always buy it for us kids but i had no desire to try something with the word WHEAT in it, sorry. boy was i missing out!!! this stuff is good. real good. (but knowing my food phases, i'll have a new favorite cereal in no time).

3. MOROCCAN OIL. my hair dresser, Katie Bagley, from Haven Salon, recommended this to me. its freakishly expensive so i was almost overflowing with tears of joy when my sister-in-law Lauren brought this back for me from Jerusalem. its everywhere there and really cheap. its the best stuff. you put it in your hair after you shower and then style or let it are dry, whatever, and it makes your hair as soft and luscious as can be.


little long tongue

jayne's well known tongue obsession has recently evolved into this:

i think its my favorite. i always want to grab it when its like that but when i try to she sucks it right back in. i love her little long tongue. she got that long tongue from steve did you know. i'll show a picture next time with proof.
oh and here's another cute one too...

happy monday! (tomorrow.... a post of another obsession. this time its one of mine)



this is us at 10:33 a.m. this saturday morning.

baby girl has been battling a little cold all week. when i thought it was at its tail end, it proved me wrong.

hence the lack of blogging lately.

her cute, stuffy, runny nose made it hard for her to nap today and after much crying i caved in and let her cuddle up on me for two hours. she completely passed out. as much as i want her to be healthy and happy, i was loving every minute of the snuggle time.

here's to healthy days ahead. (but can i still have the snuggle time too please?)


a new first for jayne

jayne trying out rice cereal for the first time this week. lets just say she is a huge fan. it took her a few times to figure out how to swallow the stuff, but that didn't stop her from trying to eat it off her highchair tray any way. she went nuts for it. if she thinks that bland fiber crap is yummy, just wait until she tries some pears and sweet potatoes next week. it will blow her mind. can't wait.



today is grandpa eric's birthday (steve's dad). in honor of his birthday i am going to share with you why this man is so special. i'd like to give two simple words that i think describe him very well and they are

smart and kind.

eric is known for being a smart businessman. he's had many a business venture that has turned out more than well and he knows his stuff. he's got a keen eye for things that = success and that doesn't only stand true in his profession. it stands true in his personal life as well. he knows what he needs to do to succeed, and he does whatever he needs to do to bring that success into his life. he works hard to be the successful husband, father (& father-in-law), grandfather, brother, son, friend, etc. that he is.he spends time with his family, has a strong testimony of the gospel, is faithful and devoted to those good things
that bring him success and happiness in his life.
he's smart.

eric is kind. i have personally witnessed and been a beneficiary of his kind heart. although my father-in-law, he has treated me like his very own daughter by taking an interest in my life and encouraging me to do well. he's gone above and beyond his expected role in our lives and has done so much for our little family. he is so generous and loving to his family and friends. one of my favorite thing to see is his relationship with jayne. you can tell they have a special little bond with each other. jayne was lucky enough to inherit a fine physical attribute from this man- the dimple in her chin. in asian culture, having a dimple means you are a loveable person. how applicable that is to the two of them. it makes me smile when i think about it.

eric, we love you. hope you have a great birthday with all it has to offer. because like jayne said,
you deserve it.


meeting cousin james

jayne met her little boy cousin james for the first time last week. my sister in law jen was in park city with her family over christmas break so as soon as we got back from the bahamas we met up to see the little guy (unfortunately my brother bryson left the very same day we got back so we just barely missed him. bummer!). let me tell you- little james is not so little. this cute boy is bigger than jayne and three months younger! even though he's a stocky baby boy, he definitely has the most mild tempered personality. i LITERALLY did not hear him cry once the three hours we were there. not once! he is just so "chill" and content doing whatever. he is so cute. i loved getting to hold him and kiss him (finally!). it was also so much fun getting to see danny (james' older brother). he is such a chatterbox and has so much energy and he says the funniest things. like when i told him he's "such a big boy!" and he replies, "no. i wittle." we had some fun taking pictures of the two and getting them "nunie" (nakey) for some diaper shots as well. danny didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and without us knowing had stripped down to his bare bum to join the other nunie guys. ha!

jen's mom was sooooo incredibly wonderful to have us up for an amazing meal that night. we had such a great time. jen- we loved seeing you and james and danny and wished we lived closer. thanks again for having us up!



jayne middie turned six months today. it has been an incredible past six months with much learning, growing, discovering, and loving in each one of our lives here at the magleby home. jayne has brought such a sweet sweet joy into our lives. even with all the struggles and trials we have had since she has been born, just seeing her cute face makes every one of those bitter moments not so bitter after all. in six months i have discovered more about myself (the good and the bad), sacrificed more then i had ever expected, and have experienced a happiness i didn't know possible. and all in all its been the best six months of my life so far.

six months is a big milestone in my eyes because its half way to one year, and at this age she has started developing so many new skills and developments that make her seem just so much older to me. the latest development has been this:

sitting up. although it doesn't last for very long, and she has yet to be completely confident in doing so, she can do it unsupported and long enough to make me completely shocked that she has finally reached this point in her life, six months, a "big" girl. you know what i mean? she is also now a major explorer- reaching and grabbing for everything she wants. like her mr. monkey.

she's becoming more of a jibber jabber too. her favorite saying: dadada. i have a serious feeling her first real word is going to be for a certain man in her life. although she has yet to understand the meaning she can already say it. now if i can only get her to start doing mamama... :)

her check up is this thursday so the stats will have to wait. i'm excited though to get them all. its always fun to see how she's growing and how she's changed since the last.

other little quirks:
- she loves to grab her feet and toes
- is obsessed with my cell phone (her favorite toy, go figure)
- obsessed with her dad (seriously has a major crush)
- loves to give kisses and head bonks to her friend in the mirror and to anyone really.
- loves loves little people (kids, babies)
- has a special love for her family and relatives (you can tell she knows them when she sees them, so cute)

we love you neener neener!


atlantis part 3

more beach pictures to start out. one morning there was a beautiful rainbow across the ocean. we weren't outside at the time, but monette captured it with max. i think its so beautiful and wish we could have been out there in time to see it.

jayne stoned

max and the girls made this funny throne for jayne. i thought it was so cute. look how detailed it is. they wanted her to sit in, so we put her on it and took some pictures.

like i told you before, jayne loves the pool!!! she loved kicking and splashing around and didn't mind having her face go in the water. we are so excited to teach her to swim this summer. here's a little video of her in the pool.


for new years eve we dined out at another awesome buffet restaurant at our hotel. the food was really really yummy, and we all had so many mini desserts that we had to snag pictures of the amount we all ate combined. none of us stayed up until midnight, but some of us (including me and jayne) were awoken by booming fireworks that were going off at the pier. too bad we couldn't see them from our window but it was a sound to behold.

on our second to last day in bahamas, steve and i got to swim with the dolphins. i had done the one where you can touch dolphins in the water, but never actually swam with them. it was pretty neat. we got to go out with these underwater motor propellers that would take us around (slowly, but still fun) with the dolphin we were assigned to. we got to touch him and watch him swim. then they had us come over to the side and get a boogie board. this was the best part. we get on the board and then another dolphin comes from behind and with his snout pushes on our feet and gives us a ride across the water. it was really fast! that was my favorite part. it was actually quite fun. afterwards we learned a little bit about the dolphin, fed him some fish, and took some funny pictures of ourselves kissing the dolphin and hugging him. they would tell us to try and pick the dolphin up when we hug them. noone would try very hard but steve went up on his turn and actually tried to lift the poor thing. the dolphin freaked out and swam away. then our instructor called the dolphin back and to steve was all "here, go back and hold him again" and steve's all "no, its ok" and the guys like "oh come on" and steve's all "nah its alright" and then in a serious voice he's all "no, hug him!" i was trying SO HARD not to bust out laughing. i guess it was one of those things where you had to be there but it was really funny. steve was all like "oK" and then went back and did it again. it was hilarious. afterwards we figured it may have been because they want to teach the dolphins to not swim away... or something... i don't know. but what a great experience.

and just some more pictures of jayne on the trip...

oh how i love you bahamas. thanks for the fun time. we sure miss you. we hope your sunshine is bringing happiness to those who came after us. we'll come back soon, i hope. ha.

well, thats it. back to the cold my friends.