kissies and bye bye's

jayne's latest developments include:

giving "kissies" (open mouthed. its awesome.)
waving "hi" and "bye bye"

the second one we can't get without her getting distracted by the camera. but she does it a lot and it is the cutest thing ever. we'll have to try and document it somehow.

the first one we captured on camera as she gives them out freely and to pretty much anyone who asks. check it out:



For Great Grandpa Magleby

"So today is my Great Grandpa Magleby's birthday. He is the best artist around. He may not know this, but I think I acquired some his fine artistic abilities. Today I'm going to prove it."

"I got this paper and pencil and set to work to practice my hand at art. Sometimes I have to think hard about what I want my masterpiece to look like."

"And sometimes it can be tricky holding the pencil just right. Its not a simple task you know."

"But its actually quite fun once you get the hang of it."

"And it feels good to create something of my very own! See Great Grandpa, I've got it!"

Happy Birthday Gramps. We not only love the beautiful pieces of art that are hanging in our home from you, but we love more dearly the man behind the paint strokes.
You are one of a kind and we love you so much.
Happy Birthday!
Steve Dayna and Jayne


just because

i had almost forgotten about this photo we took of jayne in this cute hat a few weeks ago. just thought i'd throw it up today for fun. she looked so darling in it. it even has matching booties. got to love it!


its happening people

the farthest i have ever ran in my life before training for a half marathon was 6.21 miles. i was dying. i could hardly breathe and the entire time my legs felt like lead.

today i ran 10 miles and it actually felt GOOD.

its really happening people. the goal is just within reach and i've still got four more weeks.

what a feeling!!!


st. patrick's day

st. patty's day involved green kate spade legging tights (use to be tights but i changed them to leggings)

jayne in her green. at the park. had to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and warmer weather.

can't get enough of her new little puma shoes

aunt kate came over and got pinched...

nothing too exciting. but it was a great day nonetheless.
happy st. patty's day!



i turned the big 2-4 last wednesday. birthday festivities included:
- favorite meal for sunday dinner and cake and pretty things from steve's family
- cards and gifts in the mail from my family
- steve making me breakfast after my early run
- getting my hair highlighted while steve watched jayne
- ash and courtney bringing me lunch and cookies while i was getting my hair done and staying with me practically the whole time and chatting. it made it go by so fast and was so much fun.
- dinner up at sundance foundry grill with family. so yummy.
- birthday post from jayne and steve
- yummy things from steve's grandparents
- awesome cd from crystal (had people pick a song that reminded them of me to put on the cd- i love it!)
- other thoughtful beautiful gifts from friends
- dinner on friday at pizzeria 712
- had some close friends and family up at the cabin for cake and ice cream and games
- stayed up waaaaay too late playing mafia, the "meow" game, and el nombre (girls vs. boys)

dinner at sundance

cabin fun (wish i took more pics with everyone)

it was a great way to welcome in the new age. bring it on 24. bring it on.


friday means laundry

and check out what i found in my basket of whites today.


(loving my new flip video camera that i got for my birthday)



My baby turned 8 months old today!!!!! Wow. Here are my monthly shots as usual to document this growing little bugger.

That little tongue... oh man how it cracks me up. It is always, and I mean pretty much ALWAYS sticking out (unless she is eating, sleeping, or giving me a good smile like below--).

jayne loves making sounds, jibber jabbering, smacking her tongue, whatever. she's more wigly and grabs for everything within reach. she loves baby food all kinds, loves her dad (whats new), and has even started to say "dada" on purpose for steve. she is really starting to know what it actually means and that is so fun to see.

she sits up like a champ but has yet to figure out crawling. she will try but has yet to be successful. pretty cute and funny to watch.
she loves her toys, loves running on her little legs, and loves dad's HAT like its nobody's business. she will try to rip it off his head as soon as she's in his arms.
she's gotten more snugly, but has become less of a good sleeper. boo! she wakes up a lot in the night now... hopefully that will change here soon.
and i had to throw in this last picture because i think its pretty hysterical that even when she's crying her tongue is still sticking out. hilarious.

we love you meeshie moo!!!! happy 8 months!

(and yes, I turned the golden 24 yesterday... post on that later).


Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Smile big, Mom. It's your birthday! I love you so much. You are the best mommy ever. Dad tried to take some pictures of me today but it wasn't the same without you there. You're much better than he is. But don't tell him I said that. I hope you are having a great day. Big kissie!



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Two reasons I can't wait for summer.

Reason #1:

- Cutest baby girl Polo swimsuit. Love the ruffles. Love the colors. Love the back. Love her in it. Need I say more?

Reason # 2:

-Pink Ballerina swimsuit from Target. I'm obsessed. Truly.

Are you really even questioning who I have to thank for these? You should know by now where all her cute ensembles come from. If it wasn't for my mother-in-law, Jayne would be in a diaper only all day long. Seriously (ok half kidding). Thank you Monette!


incase you forgot

this is jayne's dad

this is jayne's mom

i realized there are not many pictures of us actually WITH our child. so, there ya go.

(if i hadn't run 8 frickin MILES today i might write a longer post. but i did. and now i'm pooped. was that me just bragging a little? maybe :) more on that later...)

happy saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(birthdays cont.): uncle ryan turns 12

"While we're on the subject of uncles and birthdays... today is my Uncle Ryan's birthday. Sometimes I miss him so much that I just spend hours and hours by the window thinking about him and wishing he lived closer. Today was one of those days"

"My mom usually gets on my case and tells me I should be doing something better with my time. But I don't listen to her. My heart aches too much to do anything else."

"And when this happens my mom will try to get me to laugh or to smile to help me feel better but this is all I can give."
"And I just wonder what he's doing back there in maryland, thousands of miles away.
Does he even miss me?"
"Then my mom reminds me of how he's going to be out here in a few weeks to go skiing with all my other aunts and uncles."
"And that he'll be here for a whole week. Can't help but smile now. Oh man am I excited. I can't wait!"

Happy 12th Birthday Uncle Ryan! We love you and miss you like crazy!
xoxoxo Dayna & Steve & Jayne