potential big news

alright, so maybe the hints were kind of lame. i thought if i made them too easy it would be pointless, but i ended up making some too hard and complicated that almost everyone was confused. 

so the big surprise is........ (drumroll)......

we might be moving to Denmark!

It would probably be a lot more exciting to say it without the might, but there is still the small possibility it won't happen.

Steve for a long time has had the desire to play professional soccer abroad. Not for a lifelong career by any means, just something to do for fun for a year or two while our family is small. If it would ever happen, now is the time. We think it would be a fun adventure and would open up some doors for other great opportunities in the future. 

There were several places that Steve had some connections with for tryouts (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark) but Denmark was Steve's preferred choice because of the style of soccer and the fact that the Magleby name orginiated there. We thought it would be fun to go back to our roots, and live where our ancestors came from. 

Steve and his Dad went out there a couple weeks ago to set up tryouts. So far he has three tryouts set up in Denmark for the end of this month- two Division I teams and one Division III team. It is highly likely that he will make the Division III but we will see about the others. 

Long story short- if he makes a team we'll be packing up and moving out there the end of the summer. If he doesn't, we won't be going. 

I really really hope he makes a team.  

It is really exciting and we hope everything works out. 

Pray for us?

I will keep you updated.

And incase you are still confused about the clues....

hint #1: a popular bike that people have in Denmark. Everyone there rides bikes.

hint #2: Thorvaldsen's Christus Statue in Copenhagen (there is a copy of it in the SLC visitors center)

hint #3: Niklas Bendtner, a professional soccer player from Denmark

hint #4: The Queen's House in Denmark

hint #5: Ebelskivers. Originated in Denmark. 



for the usa/ghana game on saturday we had some friends up to alpine to watch the game, eat some grub, and go swimming. steve was especially patriotic and hung an american flag right there in the family room for all to see. we were all sporting some sort of red white and blue. it was too bad we lost. we definitely did not play our best. but, with lots of new family members from ghana- it wasn't so bad to have them win either.

after the game, steve got out the clippers to cut tyler's hair. it looked pretty sweet. and i'm not gonna lie... i was tempted to grab them and head right for steve's hair too.

the preggo gals soaking in some sun- krystyna and courtney

despite my hideous looking hair and pale skin, i actually like this photo simply for josh in the background.

these next pictures pretty much sum up the afternoon. these boys are BFFAE. i think they would all be perfectly content living in a world all alone together. as long as they had something they could play Bocce ball with. this is their very own version of pool bocce ball- with rings. 

steve a happy little boy being back with his buddies

nice, joshie!!! (first guy on the left. and yes ladies, he's single!!)

Now what are the girls up to??? Doing what we do best-- laying out.

court worried about forehead lines

krystyna taking a chance in the war zone. those boys almost hit her with something like 20 times.

me trying to get a picture of myself, by myself, with our hefty camera. court was laughing at me. 
(and i'm pretty sure i have something stuck in my teeth there)

jayne still waking up from her nap

relationship in the making

love that face to pieces

and this one too of course...

so we put these awesome floaties on rip. they pretty much took up his entire arm. 
we could not stop laughing.

and of course an after pool bath with the little ones...

i seriously can not get enough of these two

love it!

what a day.


hint #5


hint #4

believe it or not all these pictures do have something to do with something.


hint #3

date night w/ the hubsterino

getting out alone has been a rare occasion here lately. but when steve got back into town on wednesday we made it a priority to get out of the house together. kate was so awesome to babysit the little neener for us. thank you kate!

we first went to dinner at PF Changs. we had a gift card we had been waiting to use there for awhile. 


afterwards we headed over to cold stone for a cool dessert. we both got the cookies and milk shake. it was yummy but i still think rocky road ice cream from there is my favorite.

we ended the date with KILLERS at the University mall. we knew beforehand that it had bad reviews but we both think ashton kutcher is hilarious so we went any way. it was actually quite entertaining. we had some good laughs throughout and even kathrine heigl had me laughing out loud. surprisingly, id recommend it. just don't expect an A quality  movie by any means.

thank you babe for the fun date!

hint #2

does something in there look familiar?


some potential big news for the maglebys

rather than share our big news all at once, especially since its still technically not official.... I am going to give you picture hints. don't you think it will be a lot more fun this way? ok, maybe not, but whatever.  it will be fun for me. i'll start with more vague and difficult pictures to ones that will pretty much give it away. it won't last forever. and those of you who already know- keep the secret with me.

hint #1

Wasatch Back

(our team: Live and Let Run)

I had been signed up for this race since October but it didn't really sink in that I was running it until well after my half marathon. My mind could really only focus on one race at a time, so I had kind of put this on the back burner up until close to race day. It didn't help that I had been having bad IT band problems up until the race, and there were times I wasn't really even sure I was going to be able to do it. But, I sucked it up and ran it any way. I was so glad that I did because it ended up being one of the most memorable things I have done in my entire life. It was hard and it was fun (one of those few instances those two words can go two and two together).

This was our sweet van. Shannon's parents "pot mobile" or so we sometimes called it because her brother once got busted selling it in this very one. Now ain't that special?  I have to say, this was definitely a pretty sweet van to have because there was tons of room inside and plenty spots to get a good nap in (which I did often). Somehow my nickname became "D Rock." I'm not really even sure how, but there ya go, right there on the window.

Our van actually finished well before the last runner in Van 2 crossed the finish line, but we were there to run through with her at the very end. 

(Layne, me, Kev, Shan, and Lori)

This was the group in our Van 1 (minus Natalie who had to go to a funeral that morning). I'd like to think we had the "cooler" van. Ha. I went only knowing Shannon and Kevin but quickly got to know the others in the van and they are some pretty cool peeps. It was a fun group.

So I wish I had more pictures to show of the different legs but I didn't bring my camera and I am still waiting on ones from others. For those of you who don't know much about this race, it is a relay race that runs from Logan to Park City. With 12 people (6 in each van), we take turns running three legs each to complete the 188.2 miles.  That means you have to run 3 times within two days which = no sleep (well, maybe a few catnaps here and there). I got lucky and had to only run 13.1 miles. My first leg was 5.1 miles of a moderate level. I was super nervous because of my IT band but ended up killing it with all the adrenaline and excitement I had built up. I ran it in 40 minutes. It felt amazing. My second leg was a 4.2 easy miler. My IT band was feeling it by this go around so it was definitely harder. I ran it just under a 10 minute mile. It was hot (at around 4:30pm) and I was sweaty but it felt so good to get it over with. Lets just say I was dreading my last leg. By 3 am my leg was so sore and I was not looking forward to my 3.8 mile STEEP DOWNHILL run. My knee definitely felt like it was going to split open but I was more determined than ever to finish strong. And I did. And I definitely wanted to cry several times but I was thrilled when I finished. 

Everyone in our group did amazing. We all did better than expected and even finished the race 2 hours ahead of our expected schedule. We finished in 29 hours (average is 32) and place 129 with almost 700 other teams in our division. That is definitely something to be proud of.

Read more about it from my friends, here and here.

me and shan with the babes

My sister Crystal was so amazing to watch Jayne for the couple days I was gone. Jayne had the time of her life and I kid you not- was not even excited in the least to see me that morning. She was perfectly content being with her Aunt Crystal.

Crystal even took some pictures to document their time together. Check it out-- (Thank you Crystal!!!)