home away from home

jayne with a sun screen greased mohawk ready to go swimming

we've been home in maryland the past week and a half sans steve. steve is in denmark for tryouts and we're hoping he'll make a team out there by the end of the summer. if he makes a team, jayne and i will join him at the end of August.  we are keeping our fingers crossed. but whatever the outcome, we'll be happy to just be with him again. we sure miss him. 

home has brought us some fun and not so fun events.


daily swimming at the pool. jayne can now swim alone with her floaties and loves to be chucked high and far (and i mean HIGH and faaaar) in the pool after which she'll pop up kicking and smiling back over to me. love it.

hanging out with family. jayne loves being around her aunts and uncles and papa and gigi. she goes crazy for elyse and we all realized that jayne would have loved an older sister. too bad thats not possible.

videochatting with daddy. we've been lucky enough to get to do this one to two times a day. although jayne's attention span is rather short, its still fun for dad to see his little girl (and a wifey to see her #1 man)

a night out with my sister and best friend to go see Inception. great movie just like everyone and their mom and dog said on facebook. although long i think i would see it again.

evening walk with jordan and jayne in the red wagon. jordan warming up to his little girl cousin (when we first got here he admitted to her being "scary")

not so fun---

a 5 min. (no exaggeration) thunderstorm resulting in a three day power outage. it wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't a bagillion degrees in these parts.  this actually ended up being a good thing though because we ended up sleeping over at my best friend ash's house who lives in the neighborhood and got to spend some quality time with her before she left to NH with her family (not to mention enjoy her completely generator-powered home)

missing steve. ok i know i've babbled and whined about this already. but any wife will admit its not fun nor easy being away from husband especially with a little one year old baby. i know others have it worse, but i feel i have the right to whine every once in a while, alright?

missing steve's family in utah (crystal, we miss you too but we get to see you in a week!). we have grown so close to steve's family and often see them on a day to day basis. i know they are missing jayne like crazy. we miss them too- A LOT.

and of course a rear view... how cute is that suit?

we leave for deep creek lake on saturday and will be there for three whole weeks. i can't wait to take jayne out on the boat and do all the fun things the lake has to offer. it will be especially fun to see all of my siblings and nephews at one point or another during that time. i think there is a week we will ALL be there. can't wait.

it is good to be home. but we sure miss home too. you know what i mean?


missin' you

so in the past couple weeks a couple things happened:

1. steve left for denmark
2. i came home to maryland

a couple days before we said our goodbyes we had a date night at flemings in salt lake. that place is one of our favorite restaurants but its the kind of place we don't get to go to unless we're with our parents. ha. this time we got to go alone thanks to a gift card we got for christmas from steve's mom and dad. they even watched jayne for us so we could get out. they're the best.

can't get over this babe. i love his style.

ok so maybe his long hair is growing on me. maybe.

checking out the gateway fountains. it was really hot and there were so many people out.

 after dinner we headed to the airport to pick up some of my family that came into town for the wedding. we had to wait for a bit at the park and wait. it gave us just enough time to take pictures looking like complete idiots. 

don't look too closely up there

however, i actually love these pictures because it depicts our relationship quite well. 

it was a fun night.

missing you babe.



tiny feet learning to carry big head.


*some reason downloading it through blogger is making it worse quality than it is. oh well, i'll see what i can do. but thanks tyler for taking this fun video!


jayne turns one: part 2

you may be wondering why these three goofballs up top are in this post. 

well, here's the story.

my grandmother richards passed away the wednesday before jayne's birthday. she was 96 years old. she was an incredible woman and one who will be missed dearly. but while we were sad to say goodbye, it is actually quite happy to think of her reunited again with her husband and family.  i think about how it must have been such an incredible homecoming for her in heaven and i smile. my sister shannon took some great pictures of the funeral, so i will be sharing those in a separate post. 

on the plus side, it kind of worked out that her funeral was over the same weekend as jayne's birthday which meant i got to have my entire family in utah to celebrate jayne turning one on sunday! (the top picture is from when we picked some of them up at the airport).  it was such a treat to have steve's whole family and my whole family there. we had a yummy sunday dinner at steve's parents with everyone, and of course, another birthday cake. (gotta love that cake hat!)

steve's sister lauren made this bombdiggity cake for jayne.  i love it!

at first jayne tried to eat all the white circles. that ended up being a little dangerous (when she almost choked, yikes!) so we ended up taking them all off.

chow time!!

look at that fierceness. 

happy birthday jaynie baby!! you are such a joy in our lives and we love the fun, laughter, and cheerfulness you bring to our little family. we love your growing personality and your bright big smile. you make us so incredibly happy each and every day. we look forward to many more birthdays ahead.
we love you!!!

and a special thank you to both of our families for making the day so special. jayne was showered with love and gifts and it was so nice of all of you.  we feel so lucky and blessed to have such amazing family around us. whoo!


jayne turns one: part 1

how did my little baby grow up so fast? no wonder this post took so long to make its way up here. i think subconsciously i am weary of even posting it because it means i have to face the fact that my baby is kind of no longer a baby. 

(get ahold of yourself dayna)

ok enough of the motherly poutyness. the rest is positive because this was still a really really good day.

since jayne's birthday (july 11th) fell on a sunday this year, we decided to celebrate the saturday before so we could swim. anyone who knows jayne well knows what a waterbaby she is. she absolutely positively loves the pool. 

we had a lunch up at steve's parents house with his family, my family, and a couple friends (steve's co worker buddies). we had girly balloons and some of jayne's favorite foods (watermelon, grapes, mac and cheese, hot dogs... among other yummy grub). we opened gifts and then got to the good part, the cake (well, cupcakes). 

jayne sportin' her new shades

in love with that face

um, did i mention we have a WALKER on our hands??? (video to come)

jayne and jo

jayne and crystal

she loved all the balloons

the grub

jayne's trick when we ask "how big is jaynie?" "so big!"


loved her new stuffed puppy (this girl LOVES dogs)

grandma showing her how to work her new toys

i think this may have been 10X more enjoyable for me then it was for jayne. jayne just wanted to happily play with the first toys she opened. she had no care for the rest. 

cute jean i-dont-even-know-what-to-call-it-but-i-love-it from crystal

i dont know if i mentioned already that jayne loves black people. loves them. so monette bought her a black baby doll. i said "jayne, can you show the doll gentle?" (normally she will gently stroke your face if you ask her to show you gentle) and the first thing she does is pokes her in the eyes. uh oh!

adorable onesie that aunt kate made herself!!

aunt lauren made this cute ensemble

and then monette made jayne this adorable bubble dress. i love the fabric and the smocking. (do i have talented inlaws or what? i could learn a thing or two or three or four from this bunch).

playing with daddy

cupcake time:

needless to say she loves sweets just like her mama. this girl had no fear grabbing for the grub as soon as it sat on her tray.

oh the embarrassment!!

trying to get every last bit

thanks grandma for clean up!

the aftermath

pool time:

she loves looking through the hole at someone on the other side

her face cracks me up. she looks mad but it was just the sun in her face.

free kisses!!!

love that belly... yum!

proud dad catching her off the "slide"

it was a perfect day to celebrate. 

and don't worry.... the celebrating wasn't quite over.....