Dragør & Store Magleby

On Kate's last day here, we went over to Dragør- the town Hans Olsen Magleby grew up. Hans Olsen Magleby is Kate and Steve's ancestor who joined the church and came over to the states a long time ago. So, it was a special place to go check out. Dragor is on the southeastern coast of the island, and even though its very close to central Copenhagen, Dragor and its neighboring village called Store Magleby (how cool are we with our own little village? interesting side note: magleby is pronounced "malibu" here) make up a separate urban area. 

Dragør is the cutest little town. We loved its cozy feel compared to the busy city. Right by the harbor is the old part of town with many pretty historical buildings. It is so beautiful with the water and all these old yellow painted Danish homes with red tile roofs (or thatched roofs). There are many cobblestone alley ways, and the old feel of this town is just so lovely. It really makes you want to sit and stay awhile. 

a local ice cream shop with many costumers 

i loved these old yellow homes. so beautiful.

cobble stone street alley ways

try to pronounce that why don't ya

an adorable baby clothing store. the name reminded me of jaynie and jack with a danish twist.

and of course, a photo shoot with miss jayne herself

just strolling along

a beautiful old church. we were trying to find the church that Hans use to go to but we had no clue where to find it. but this was a pretty alternative. we also saw the Store Magleby Church. which church is it grandma??

love the old windows

Here we are "sitting and staying awhile."

On the way back Kate snagged a picture of herself in front of the Store Magleby sign, but I don't have it. You'll have to check her blog out too to see more pics of our trip. 

Kate- thank you so much for all your help in getting Jayne and me out here. It was a blast spending the week with you and I miss you so much already. Waking up the next morning without you here made my heart ache a little bit. We love you so much! Come back soon will ya???


i miss you.

saying goodbye to our provo home, the day i left for denmark

ok so i realize it hasn't even been a week.

but, i miss you. all of you.

i miss my close buddy called the usa. and my even closer friend utah. not to mention all my bffs and family in utah and on the east. you know who you are.

life is good here, and i know i'm going to love it, but it is definitely a transition being in a new and foreign place and knowing your not coming home anytime soon.

things are different here than home, and i've quickly realized some things i took for granted living in the usa.

i feel lucky to be here and all, but still. no place is ever like home, right?

wishing you could all come out here and make me feel a little.... you know... at home.

and if you do happen to make your way over here, would you mind bringing some fruit snacks, chocolate chips, frosted mini wheats, graham crackers, oatmeal, over the counter medicines, and peanut butter while you're at it?

i'd really appreciate it.

in the mean time cross your fingers that we find a place to live here soon that has what we need and that my little condition called pregnancy will start to like me so i can enjoy one item of food while i'm here.

oh yeah and maybe also cross your fingers that in due time this place here feels a teeny tiny bit like....


jeg elsker dig. jeg savner dig. xoxo


Day 3 in Denmark: Christiania and Nyhavn

Today we headed out to see Christiania, a very interesting little town located in Copenhagen.  This place is a self-proclaimed community with its own laws and rules independent from the Danish government. It used to be an army barracks that was abandoned and the hippies moved in and took it over. Its one of the greatest attractions in Copenhagen because there is no place like it. The best way to describe it is a hippie town. Its the happening place for many of the homeless, jobless, and druggies around Denmark. Its also a popular place for young students, musicians, artists, intellectuals, etc. to come visit and and enjoy its liberated Danish lifestyle there, along with visitors from all over the world to see and experience.

little miss jayne was not too happy this outing.
 poor thing still adjusting with an eight hour time difference.

An experience it is..... unfortunately they do not allow photography inside their community so we only got the above shot of us at the entrance. You might be able to google some pictures online of the inside. But there are old buildings covered in colorful graffiti, lots of stands selling all sorts of interesting things: clothes, jewelry, trinkets, oh and of course lots of pot, hash, and other "soft" drugs. It is pretty wild. Then at the same time they have these stores there that sell some beautiful things, and a restaurant that is apparently amazing. Thus, this area attracts all sorts of people from all over the place that go to experience it for different reasons.

After Christiania, we headed back on the train to check out Nyhavn, the waterfront of Copenhagen. It is a popular place to go see because its the "look" of Copenhagen that most people know about- colorful buildings, old ships, the water, etc. Travel books for Denmark usually have Nyhavn on the front cover. So, its one of the must sees while visiting here. It really is so beautiful and unique.

like i said before, jaynie girl wasn't too thrilled to be out and about

can you say GORGEOUS!!!! the old colorful buildings, old ships, and water were a sight to behold.

ok so there is a story with this one.  the day before we stopped at a cafe off of Stroget (the major pedestrian shopping street in Copenhagen) for lunch. i had read that smørrebrød  is a very popular danish dish- an open faced sandwich.  a very typical danish meal. so kate and i decided we would try it out. we ordered the herring smorrebrod since we knew herring was also a very traditional food eaten quite often by the danes. they brought out the sandwich and i literally threw up a little bit in my mouth. it was basically a piece of bread with an entire fish (skin, head, eyes and all) on top of the bread. i wish i had a picture of it- but i was too disgusted to even think about taking one. steve forced us to try it- since we had to "atleast try it so you can say you did and never order it again." we took one bite each and called it a day. we wasted about 15 bucks but at least now we'll know to never order it ever again. how they love it? i will never know. herring is huge here- as pictured above. 

a beautiful circle at the entrance of Nyhavn

some pretty flowers

there were plants and flowers growing off the side of the building

we headed back to the train station by walking through Stroget (the shopping street) and stopping at McDonalds for lunch. Never in my life had Kate and I craved McDonalds as much as we did that day (remember, the day before we had the smorrebrod). interesting though- they have a law here in Denmark that only so much fat can be in food at restaurants so its actually a much healthier version of McDonalds here if that makes anyone feel better about eating it here.

kate and i laughed out loud when we saw the wording on the elevator at the train station. "i fart" means "in motion" in danish. too funny.

it was a great and eventful day. we came home and relaxed while jayne took a nap. she was feeling much better when she woke up. we took her outside to enjoy the wonderful evening. the family we are staying with have a trampoline out back so we jumped and played around and of course took some pictures.

steve picked up his new "car" yesterday. so after dinner we made a quick stop at the grocery store and gave it a test drive. jayne was loving riding the back in her own little seat. i wish i had gotten pictures, but here is a picture of the day before when he got home with his new ride.