Stroget at Night

One night we walked around town and down to Stroget for dinner.  It was a perfect night, not too chilly and no wind, and it was amazing to see how empty all the streets were (except for a few walking the streets and some musicians playing for the passerbys to drop a few kroners) for a big city on a Saturday night.  Shops close early on Saturdays and people usually stay in, so its a totally different atmosphere than what you would expect. I wonder if its quite different in the summer months when there are more tourists.

The fountain in the square was filled with bubbles!  We weren't sure if it was put there by some goofballs or if they actually do this once in a while to clean the fountain. It doesn't smell like soap though so I don't know.

Restaurants open at night around the city usually have pretty lights outside and heaters and blankets to keep their customers warm- I love the feel of it.

Walking the streets

Jayne being her goofy self

We ate at this Mexican/Italian restaurant that I can't quite remember the name of. The menu was huge. Aside from an old waiter who got our orders wrong, possibly forgot about it altogether, and couldn't really speak English... it was a pretty good meal.

On our walk home we kept hearing this loud gospel music. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Finally we walk by this big old church and their was the gospel choir belting their hearts out. It was fun to stay and watch and listen for awhile.  

It was a great night!


she speaks!

Jayne's most frequent words at 14 1/2 months:

duck ("ck")
ruff ruff
Harry (her new friend out here)
tweet tweet (for birds)
elephant ("ellie")
bottle ("baba")
monkey ("mummy")
bus and bike ("bee")
car ("ca")
flower ("wower")
please ("plah"- this one cracks us up because it doesn't even sound close to the real word but its what she says every time we ask her to say please or if we say "what do you say..." when she wants something.)
no ("no no no")
water ("wawa")
Ashley ("ashee" we were videochatting with her the other day and she kept repeating her name over and over)
wow (really exaggerated like "wooooooooowwwww")
oh ("ooohhhhhhhh")

it is a fun game to ask her to say any word and she'll try to repeat it back. definite entertainment on both sides.

she's getting so big people!

ps. double posts are still in order the next couple of days so don't miss the one below!


We went to Dragor again with Steve's parents. This was their first time coming to see the place Eric's great great Grandfather grew up. This time we even found the home he lived in:

Jayne fell asleep in the stroller. Her sleeping schedule was totally lax while Steve's parents were visiting and she often had cat naps like this, poor thing. It was sure convenient though while shopping around the little town.

Strolling the cute little cobblestone streets

We saw this funny little car driven around by this old man. It was as if he turned his electric wheelchair into his own personal car.

Snuggles with Dad

And of course, more pictures of you know who.

We ate lunch at this pretty restaurant right on the harbor. Steve and his parents ordered Weinerschnitzels. I learned my lesson trying to order something "different" so I stuck with what I knew I'd love- burger and fries baby. My burger was huge!  Turns out their meal was pretty delish as well.

Checking out the ducks with Dad

 and our stroll home

some beautiful row houses right outside our apartment


they came, and they went.

Eric and Monette in front of Amalienborg Castle and Marble Church

Steve's parents left this afternoon. As much as I tried to hold back any sad emotions as we said our goodbyes it was really hard seeing them go.  It was so comforting having them here (not to mention all the fun we had) and it went by all too fast. I think Jayne could even sense what was going on- she kept giving out snuggles and kisses like candy right before they left.  

I guess all good things have to come to an end one way or another, and I'm trying to remain positive today as we're back to our little family of three (or four however you look at it), thousands of miles away from any other immediate relatives. 

It was such a treat to spend some quality time with Steve's parents for a week. It reminded me of how lucky we are to have such loving and supportive family- no matter how far away they are.

We are certainly blessed.

(but even still I may be a homesick crying mess for the next 24 hours. just sayin'!)

ps. I added a post below. More to follow over the next couple of days of our adventures this past week.

Wagamamas & Tivoli

After our boat tour we walked down Stroget (the major shopping street) to Tivoli for lunch at Wagamamas.  This was my first time coming to Tivoli so it was certainly a treat. I was amazed at how charming and beautiful this quant amusement park is right there in the middle of the city. 

A mosque-type looking building in the park with an interesting fountain in the front. There were tiny bulbs all over the building- I have no doubt that Tivoli at night is a site to behold. 

Canopy of trees and arches of lights (definitely need to come back here at night). I love the zig zag pathways of stone. 

There are a bunch of cute cafes, ice cream shops, and places to eat in Tivoli. Its not like the cheap pizza and fry places you see in American amusement parks. I love that about this place. 

Here we are at the entrance to Wagamamas (post lunch- hence the spilled juice on steve's jeans). We were impressed by their fresh fruit juices and ginormous soup bowls. It was all very yummy.

Jayne having fun playing with these leather seats after lunch

More rides at Tivoli. Jayne loved watching the rollercoasters go by. 

Jayne was loving the merry-go-round music and watching all the little kids riding on it. We bought a few tickets and Grandma took her for a ride. Jayne was uneasy about sitting on the animals so they took a spot in a little carriage. 

Around they go!

It was amazing how much greenery and beautiful fountains they have around the park. It is so well cared for. There were tons of flowers and plants everywhere. And no trash to behold on the grounds. So clean- I love it. 
Some neat plant holders

Pretty ducks strolling around the park

We left the park and grabbed some delish ice cream on our way home at Paradis. I wish I snagged a picture of the yummy goodness but when it comes to food it usually gets eaten too fast before we can capture it on camera. Next time.

Jayne riding Grandpa's shoulders on our walk home.

It was a fun day. 
We have season passes to go back (thanks Grandpa and Grandma) and are looking forward to it!