our little piggy

we had a great time celebrating halloween on saturday. the Moran's (steve's cousins that we stayed with, remember?) kids go to an international school here and every year the school gets a volunteer neighborhood (one block, about 18 houses) to host trick-or-treating. they invited us to join them. we were so glad they did because it was awesome and made us feel like we were back in the states enjoying this lovely holiday as it should be enjoyed (the danes don't celebrate Halloween. they have no idea what they're missin' out on!!).

so i know many of you are anxiously awaiting pictures of jayne but i have to share something first. we'll get to the good part soon, promise. so... we rode our bikes to charlottenlund to meet up with the moran's and drive over to the trick-or-treating. the ride out there was so insanely perfect. i kept saying over and over "this is exactly how it should look and feel on Halloween." scattered leaves all over the streets, some bare trees but lots of rich color still on some of the trees, the smell of wet dead leaves and fireplace smoke, weather in the 50's, slightly overcast but no rain. It was seriously perfect. here are the pictures to prove.

now for the cute stuff.............!



This girl was loving every second of this experience. I had myself convinced that she was going to be pretty cranky and ornery as she had no afternoon nap and was teething pretty badly. Oh man was I wrong. This girl was as hyper and happy as could be. Not only did she sport her costume but she didn't attempt to take off her piggy hat even once!  She carried her pumpkin candy holder like a champ. She smiled for the strangers and onlookers. She ran around at full speed following all the other little kids...

Jayne with.... who knows?

Funny story behind the picture above. So Jayne was a hit at the trick-or-treating. I mean, really, on the same level as a hot celebrity.  People were going crazy over her. I'm not just saying this because I'm her mom... and wanna brag (its true, I am her mom, and I do wanna brag, but thats not why, I promise!)... but seriously, no exaggeration, we counted about 10 strangers that asked (and some that didn't ask- not that we care, cause we don't) to take a picture of her while we were there. The mother of the child above had her daughter hug Jayne while she took a picture. It was hilarious. Jayne was a tad confused, but was a good sport about it all. 

Jayne and Ra Chel Moran
 (steve's mom's cousin that invited us to this awesome event! we love her!!!)

ready and waiting her turn for candy

Ok so Jayne may still be too young to really get the whole trick-or-treating thing. We would take her to a door and she would stand there more interested at the dog they had. But when they brought that bowl down to her level and she realized candy was given freely, she gladly accepted. 

so she did a lot of this...







Heading on to the next door for more!

trying to survive the crowds of children

family shot with our piggy girl

putting on a show for the masses

We ran into baby Harry while we were there!  Jayne was so excited to see her buddy (aka boyfriend). How cute is he in his monkey costume?? I couldn't get over the cuteness overload of these two standing next to each other in their costumes.

and of course you need a bum shot of that cute piggy tail!

it was a blast. baby girl ate lots of candy and stayed up waaaaay past her bedtime. 

just as halloween should be. 

Happy Halloween!!!!


4 years.

four years of marriage later and i wake up to these lovelies.

have a romantic (and delish) getaway dinner and dessert with this handsome fellow. 

who gets to share it in return with this little lady.

it was a perfect night spent with my one and only lover boy.

thank you babe for all you do. marrying you? best.decision.ever.
you know i love love love you. a lot.

ps. it was the first night away from jayne in a long while. lets just say we savored every single second of it. (and then had to resist every urge to peak in and snuggle her the minute we got in!)


because kate requested it. and because its JB.

steve put together a compilation of all jayne's dance videos (so far) to one of her favorite dance songs by the one and only JB. baby girl loves watching it.... over and over and over.  my sister-in-law kate requested we put it up here. 
we try to please. 

hope you enjoy.

{warning: its a long video with some repeats. i love it, but just don't say i didn't warn you.}


goodbye long locks...

...hello sexy new do!

he did it people! he really did it!

i have been dreaming about this day for a long time now. 

and i must say its a dream come true.  i love it!

steve picked out the style (a typical male style here in Denmark) and went all by himself to the salon. came home a new man.

he says he "misses the long hair, but likes this too"

fair enough.

i think he looks so sexy. what do you think?

and if you're curious about Jayne's chin.....

this girl has been bumped and bruised like none other this past week. a collision with the window pane in our apt, tripping over toys and then banging her head, running and then face planting in the gravel at tivoli, and then falling off the couch and onto the edge of a children's book (the chin) to top it all off.

but is she still as happy as ever? of course!


too tired to blog... and yet i am.

jayne in her signature gloves and hat. they go with her everywhere these days.

its only 9:30pm and i'm so tired right now i could fall asleep writing this.  i went to bed at 2am last night, steve was my "personal trainer" this morning (which means my body is now crying), we biked around the city today, took jayne swimming, came home and made dinner, put jayne to bed, and then mustered everything i had to get in the shower. now i'm lying sprawled on the couch in my PJs ready to pass out. it was a good day, but i am sure beat. so i will just leave you with these pictures from our sunday walk a couple weeks ago. hope you all had a great day. i am now off to bed. good night!