did you know...

... that both of my sisters and sister-in-law are pregnant too? Crystal (on the left) is having a little girl the middle of March, and Shannon (on right) is having a little boy beginning of April.  My sister-in-law Jen (not pictured) is due in July (I'm guessing she's having a girl). It is the best being pregnant so close to each other (talk about best friend cousins in the making!). My parents will be doubling their amount of grandchildren within just a few months. Crazy.

They shared with me their awesome bare belly bumps last week over videochat. 
I couldn't resist, and captured the moment. 
(They might just kill me for putting these up here)
We've already discussed having Steve take some "professional" shots of us pregnant gals over winterbreak. There may even be bare belly shots involved, with heart shaped hands on top. 
And if we're lucky a few with our husbands... like this and this or even this.
Super cute, right?


snow snow snow

It has been snowing like crazy over here in Copenhagen. Sometimes blizzard like. I don't know what it is about falling snow and a white covered city that puts us in good spirits, but it does. It is so fun. We recently bought Jayne a snowsuit (every single child here has one of these) so she could enjoy the snow firsthand. Yesterday afternoon we bundled up and headed outside to a park and played around. Jayne was loving it, and Steve and I couldn't get over how cute our little Gumbie girl looked in all her snow gear glory. 

We kept wishing we had a pull sled like this one. So many parents walked by with these and their little ones enjoying the ride. Unfortunately it doesn't make sense to get one now that we leaving in a week- but Jayne would have loved something like that. We are excited to take her sledding in Sundance when we get home.

I just love that happy grin.

I should note that it has snowed even more today. There is a good 6 inches of fresh powder and it is awesome.Steve's mom and sister Lauren get into town tomorrow. They'll be here for a week. We are so excited. Forecast is calling for more snow through all next week. It will be a fun adventure braving the outdoors with them to all the Christmas markets. We just hope they don't have any problems getting here! 
Cross your fingers!


A (really long) Thanksgiving Story

our delish Thanksgiving meal thanks to Ra Chel 
(don't look too closely at the funky rolls next to the mashed potatoes) 

Ahhhhhh Thanksgiving 2010, where do I even begin? It was an interesting day to start off to say the least. 

Let me tell you my story.

 I had offered to make rolls for our Thanksgiving meal at the Moran's (who so generously invited us to celebrate the holiday with their family). That was my first mistake.  I woke up Thanksgiving morning with a set out schedule that would allow me to get the rolls done (allotted time to prep, rise, etc.) and still have time to hang with Steve and Jayne, shower and get ready, and then make our way over to the Moran's in time for dinner. I had made rolls in the past (and even made cinnamon rolls the week prior) so I felt comfortable enough with yeast and dough to make some basic dinner rolls. 
Feeling overly confident? 2nd mistake. 

 I got all the ingredients I needed and set to work. I followed the directions exactly (making sure the water was the right temperature for the yeast, giving it time to wake up.. blah blah blah). I kneaded that dough with the perfect amount of flour. I set it in a warm conspicuous spot to rise. I waited two hours and came to my trusty little ball of dough to finish the job.... and..... IT DIDN'T RISE!  Not even one little bit. Was I freaking out at this point? You bet your sweet bottom I was!!!  It was my ONE job- to make rolls. And lets be honest, everyone expects and looks forward to homemade rolls at a Thanksgiving meal, including myself. I was at a loss for words. At that point there was literally not enough time to just start over with the same recipe. I had to come up with a back up plan. 
Except I had no back up plan!
Steve came to the rescue with the genius idea of buying some homemade rolls at a bakery just around the corner.  I was a little unsure but I had nothing else. I bundled up in my boots and coat and headed out to get me some rolls. Relying on a "back up plan"? 3rd mistake.

No luck.

All they sold were pastries and loaves of bread (we had in fact never really seen rolls sold at any bakery, we just kind of assumed they would). I felt defeated. I figured I would just have to face the embarrassment and bring some frozen rolls from the grocery store. I walked in the grocery store with my tail between my legs and was looking around when I noticed something... a box of make-yourself homemade rolls. It only took about an 1 and 1/2 from start to finish!!! I was so relieved, as I knew even a box would taste better than frozen rolls.  I grabbed and payed for a couple of the boxes, and then bolted home to get started. 

I will spare you the nightmarish details and just tell you this:

First box? No success. 

Second box? No success.

At this point I realized that it could not be the yeast or some other outside source that was creating the failure. It was me. It had to be. And I had just spent ALL DAY LONG making these stupid rolls, with no luck, and all those hours were taking away from time with my husband and daughter on the holiday. 
I was so annoyed. I was so frustrated. 
So I did what any girl would do... I went into the bathroom and cried. 

Except, I cried over some stupid rolls. 
(talk about a new low)

At this point I figured I would pray for a miracle. Why not, right? I took my last batch of dough and formed them into rolls (even though it had never risen to begin with) and covered them in a warm spot in hopes that they might miraculous rise just enough to bake and bring to dinner.

And you wouldn't believe it you guys... those rolls rose just enough to bake. 

Were they a little funky? Very. But they were rolls (sort of) and at that point that was all I really cared about.  I whipped together some honey butter (you know, to disguise the taste of the rolls in some way), quickly got dressed, and headed out the door.

When we got to the Moran's I shared my traumatic story and warned them all beforehand to steer clear of my rolls if they knew what was good for them, that they were funky, and most definitely not worth the extra calories. I had promised I would bring rolls, and I did, but I never promised they would be any good. 

We said a blessing on the food and started eating. I grabbed one of my rolls and put on some honey butter (I guess I felt like if I made them, I had to suffer with at least one of them).  Others were intrigued by my rolls after my lengthy story to them all earlier, and took some too (with the honey butter of course- no one was daring enough to go without, they were smart). 

We sat down. I took a bite. They took a bite. 

And you know what?  Not bad!  I dare say they were good. 

Little Kennedy says she "really likes them!" 

Several go back for seconds.

I may have eaten 2 or 3. 

Thanksgiving miracle?

You better believe it.

The Moran Family (they are awesome)

Jayne getting plenty of attention at all times

The girlies- McCall, Madison, Jayne, Kennedy, & Mekenzie

All the fun wore her out- not really, she was just playin' around

Jayne bolts for this bookcase of toys and such when we come over.

We had so much fun enjoying our Thanksgiving with this family. We ate great food, had good conversation, and laughed a lot. I feel like we have really gotten close with them since being here. Jayne especially loves all the attention she gets from all the girls, and was putting on a show for them all. 
She is quite the entertainer of course.

And before long it dawned on me that having rolls or not having rolls, it doesn't matter. 
I've got a loving husband, a beautiful spunky baby girl (and a baby boy on the way) that makes my life so richly blessed with that alone. I've got awesome family on both sides that I love so much. I have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who have made it possible for me to be with my family FOREVER. Talk about lucky lucky lucky.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to live in this beautiful foreign country, and blessed to have a sweet family here that invites us over for Thanksgiving dinner. 
A family who eats my funky rolls (and likes them) and plays with my little girl. 

I have a very thankful heart today. 

The end.


We sure did miss these people though (as it was our year to be with them):

But we did get to videochat with them, and with my own family (who I sure miss a lot as well):

My parents chattin' with us on the iphone. Don't they look excited? Ha.

Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Denmark!


a white morning.

We woke up to a snow dusted city. It was beautiful. We spent the morning staying cozy warm in our apartment, in PJs. Our bedroom lets in the most lovely morning light, so I threw Jayne on the bed and started shooting away. Its impossible to get this girl to sit still so I bribed her with Steve's iphone (which is why in a few pictures she is looking down). It was fun. I love our lazy mornings.



The morning snow made me wish we had more of these for breakfast... 
I made some last week due to a craving for cinnamon rolls and they are UH-mazing 
(obviously, since we have no more left)

they are a perfect treat for anytime. for the recipe, click here.


let me fill you in.

Just a funny picture of Jayne before bedtime that has nothing to do with this post.

So I keep forgetting to update you all about our plans for the next little while, and I realize that in some of my posts I write as if you can read my mind and are somehow aware of whats going on in our lives. I apologize.

Here's the scoopsies if you're interested...

So you probably already read about Steve's injury in this post.  Since then Steve has met with a doctor here in Copenhagen to try and figure out whats going on. The doctor wasn't entirely sure, but did an ultrasound and found some significant muscle damage in the area where he is having pain. After doing some research and communicating back and forth with his old BYU trainer, it seems that what he has is likely a Sports Hernia. I could bore you with all the details of what a sports hernia is, but I'll just tell you that its not good. And it pretty much always requires surgery. Boo. We head back to Maryland for Christmas the beginning of December and Steve is planning on meeting with a specialist there to get an MRI and see what they think it is. If its a sports hernia, then he'll meet with another doctor in Philadelphia who specializes in that type of surgery (there are only a small handful who do them in the US). Hopefully it won't result in surgery, but its likely it will. Keep him in your prayers, will ya? 

With those recent developments, we've been able to make some decisions with what we want to do about coming home. Our plan now is to come back to the states where Steve will possibly get surgery, recover, and get back into playing shape (which will take a few months time at least). We'll be having the baby in Utah the beginning of March, and if Steve is feeling strong by then he'll come back to Denmark in April to play again (and I'll join him soon thereafter). A lot could change in the next few months, but as of now, thats the plan. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as it gets closer and we have a better idea of things. 

It definitely would have been neat to have a baby in Denmark, but I'll be honest, I am kind of relieved that we are not having the baby here. It will be so nice to be surrounded by so many friends and family in Utah when this baby comes, that it kind of trumps any coolness of having a "Danish baby." If we've learned anything while living abroad here, its the importance of family and friends in ones life. You never fully appreciate it until you are far away from them.  There is definitely growth that takes place in having experiences like the one we are having now, but when Steve and I eventually "settle" we will definitely want it to be near the most family and friends we can. That is for sure.

We have had a great 3+ months here. It has definitely had its pros and cons (as there are with any situation) but I am grateful for the experience, the things we have learned, and the strengthening that has taken place in our own relationship as a couple. With that said, I can't wait to get back to Maryland/Utah and see many of you, and to bathe myself in all the things I've missed that only the US has to offer.
 I am grinning and giddy just thinking about it.  



Christmas at Nyhavn

Its happening people. The Christmas markets are quickly making their appearances throughout Denmark. There are even a few just within Copenhagen, some bigger than others. We headed down to the harbor on Saturday night to check out the Christmas market at Nyhavn. It is suppose to be one of the bigger ones, and its only about a 10 minute walk from where we live so we bundled up and headed out for a pleasant evening checking out the lights and the Christmas goodies displayed for sale. 

Remember this pantless, messy haired, not feeling so hot babe of ours in the post below? The poor thing has been battling another illness for the past few days. We have spent a lot of time indoors, snuggling to her favorite movies, and taking it easy. We hadn't been out much at all and were feeling pretty stir crazy. So we bundled the miss up very warm, and she fell right to sleep in the stroller on our little excursion. Double bonus.

I love the garlands and lights they strung across the walkway down the harbor. It definitely gave it a magical vibe while browsing the different vendors. 

They had an assortment of things being sold. Christmas decorations, to candy and treats, to perfect gift ideas for loved ones. 

I had a good laugh at this Christmas toilet paper being sold. In all honesty, I love it, and if I could afford to buy festive TP to wipe you-know-what during the holiday season then I totally and completely would. Or I guess you could display it in the bathroom to not be used. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.  
How fun is it?  

They had an assortment of Santa's, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, elves, nativity scenes etc. They were adorable. Steve and I want to purchase our own little Santa and nativity scene to bring back with us. There are so many to choose from it will be hard to narrow it down.

Lights are making their way up all around town. It sure makes for some eye candy.