giveaway winner announced!

congratulations mackenzie! 
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i got me some bieber fever

yeah, yeah, i know everyone and their dog has already posted about this movie.
{and yes, there are really dogs that have their very own blogs... don't believe me? see here. and here.}

but i saw it for the first time last weekend and certainly enough...

i got me some BIEBER FEVER! 

i love him. 
i wanna be his "lonely girl" and sit on stage and cry while he gives me flowers and serenades me with his 17 year old voice.

 So sue me!!!


to the moon. and back.

at the clark planetarium in slc

one of our favorite books to read does a good job describing how much i love these guys. 

"right up to the moon...

...and back."

{buy the cute book here.}



this girl loves doing puzzles on the ipad.

she has gotten really good at it.  its pretty funny.

check it out!


3 monther

little Vin turned 3 months last last sunday (the 15th). 

he's supa cute. 

at 3 months:

he's starting to sleep through the night (with a few bumps here and there)
screeches when he gets excited
loves loves LOVES to get his diaper changed (he used to hate it!)
hates to be in a wet/dirty diaper (you might laugh and say.. who does? well, jayne doesn't mind it one bit and would prefer to wear a poopy diaper vs. get a diaper change- a constant daily battle)
is a mama's boy... ask steve
will calm down the minute jayne starts interacting with him (he loves her!)
loves to be swaddled
loves to be held
grunts like a true boy
is a lazy tummy timer (jayne was lifting her head up so well on her tummy by this age.. vinny just lays his head down and shows zero interest- too funny)
has the cutest smile ever

i've discovered i am a true sucker for little boys (this one in particular). 

ps. giveaway posted below! winner will be drawn this friday.


giveaway! giveaway! giveaway!

wow. my very first giveaway people!

i feel special. you should too.

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Project Josh Episode 4

two weeks behind schedule!


LOTS of emily dates to share, and i just can't keep em all straight.

can't wait till we get a pretty little ring on one of these lucky girls' fingers. 

in due time... in due time...


catchin' up on the ole blog

feeling a little frazzled lately

i've been a busy body lately. ok thats a little bit of a lie. its more like i've been missing out on precious sleep (a baby who was sleeping through the night for two weeks decided to stop all of a sudden-- i won't mention any names...) and as a result have had little energy to get things done, leaving me feeling more busy and overwhelmed than usual. blah.

BUT, the good news is- things are back in order, house is clean, babies are alive...

...truth be told i'm still tired..

... BUT i've managed to find the time to give some love to this blog here.

click on the links below to view my recent posts:

tulip festival

we hit up the thanksgiving point tulip festival the evening i got back into town.
it was a perfect evening- pleasant weather, setting sun, beautiful flowers, fun company.
i didn't bother narrowing these down... photo overload people.
deal with it.

this girl was always several steps ahead- running along the pathway stopping every so often to smell the flowers.

these two are a romance in the making

courtney always trying to hide from the camera. ba-ha-ha... i will catch her soon enough!

bringing the two little rascals (jayne and rippy) resulted in a LOT of this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this.. to keep them from jumping into the water, getting stolen from strangers (i'm paranoid like that, ok?), or getting into trouble.

she looks like her gramps in this picture

"check out those flowers jayne"

"kiss me woman"


"my turn!"

jayne doing her own thing

we're cool and we know it

love this feller

"oh stop it"

more play time with the kiddies... gotta keep em entertained somehow!

love this little lady of mine

and my handsome brother taylor.... he visited us for a whole week and it was a blast

and how could i forget about this cute boy below?!?!

mmmm i could eat those cheeks!!! (and i have)

Chet made an appearance too...

we sure love the Robbins. they make great company for stuff like this.