wow, i love my family.

my sister and her husband put together this video of this year's deep creek lake vacation.
i absolutely love it. 
i think it really depicts how much fun we had all together, especially the little ones.
it was SUCH a great trip and makes me miss everyone like crazy!
i love my family so much. man, i wish we could do this kind of stuff more often.


family pictures

this time my side of the family took pictures. all TWENTY-FIVE of us! it was pretty stressful getting everyone ready, situated, and setting up the tripod before all the kids attention spans went out the window. but we made it happen. i can't show you the masterpiece yet since it isn't edited and my dad wants to use it as a family christmas picture, but surprisingly everyone was looking and somewhat smiling in one of the millions we took. i'd call that a miracle. 

we took some personal family pictures afterwards. 

jayne was SO over pictures by this point which is why we bribed her with an oreo (surprised?) and then let her run off while we took some with mr. vincent. 

as stressful as family pictures can be, its so wonderful to have them. 
which is why i'm going to be doing a giveaway here pretty soon just so you can enjoy your own family pictures too. 
stay tuned.


little rascal

if you ever read my facebook statuses you would remember when i posted about jayne climbing out of her crib while at the lake.

thankfully she has not attempted to do this again, and i am just crossing my fingers that it stays that way for a long time (like until she's 3? 4?)

i know better now to not have anything tempting for her to want to get out of the crib. like my make up bag that was sitting out (she was sleeping in the bathroom of our bedroom). i saw her eyeing it when i layed her down to sleep but figured there was no way she could mess with it since she was in her crib and it was far from reach.... ha... ha... HA. she proved me wrong.

i went upstairs to check on her because i could see activity on the monitor (it was broken so i couldn't hear any sound but could just see the red light going up and down) and i figured she was still up chatting away but when i would go in to check on her and put my ear up to the door i wouldn't hear anything (apparently she heard me walking in the room up to the door and would stay sneakily quiet). i figured she was asleep. this happened a few times until finally i just opened up the door to see what was going on and SURE ENOUGH there she was on the floor, coverup pasted all over her mouth and face. my initial reaction was shock because i couldn't believe she was out of her crib (how are you out of your crib?!?!) and then to see her face covered in this white stuff before i saw the rest of the make up was quite FREAKY (don't deny it... she looks like she has a disease!). my shocked face scared her and she started crying (which is why she is so upset in these photos). 

here are pics of the aftermath.

as annoying as it was to clean up (and sanitize) all the make up that was strewed all over the bathroom floor, not to mention the fact that i was worried we no longer had a crib sleeping child... it was impossible to be really mad at her. she's just a little girl trying to be like her mommy and wear make up. funny how she put it on like she did. 
it was hilarious!!!!!


crab shack

the night before steve arrived to deep creek we went to dinner at Crab Shack- a new (and only) crab restaurant in deep creek (steve hates seafood so it was a good thing we took advantage while he was away). the crabs are fresh and delicious. our family loves to eat crabs and it's always fun to sit around, get our hands dirty, and just eat and talk in a casual setting. it is one of my favorite things. outside the restaurant they had the perfect backdrop for pictures- a massive crab. we couldn't resist taking some fun photos. 

my sisters are babes


some instagram photos for you.

 funnel cake at the fair my personal cupholder
missing this already

yummy rolls i made for dinner
annual crab feast=yum!
jayne loves rainbow brite
driving back to potomac
jayne refusing pictures
date night @ rio grande

ordered the steak fajitas=the way to go
jayne loving the pool
so did he
baby in a diaper=yummy

we're back in utah now. it was sad to leave the lake. i miss it already. i told my dad he should block out four weeks next year. three weeks just ain't enough. i loved every minute of it and i'm already looking forward to next year.

i have so many pictures to share. since i won't have much new blogging material (getting ready for my sister's wedding that is in three weeks and will be busy busy busy) i figured i will post my deep creek lake photos up until then. which means you'll probably be sick of deep creek lake when i'm done posting. don't say i didn't warn you.


he doesn't like taking pictures.

which is a real shame because his looks should not go unnoticed.

not to brag, but i think my husband is the best looking guy i've ever seen.

when i'm lucky i can steal a few pictures of him without him noticing...

but getting caught means a fight for the camera... 


did i mention he's great with kids?

good thing i snagged him when i did.


i'm 6 months today!!!!!!!

laughs like crazy. loves to be surprised. loves to screech. loves the bath.  hates to wait for food. cries when jayne cries. thinks jayne is hysterical. gives kisses. reaching for things. rolls off his belly. can't sit up yet. loves baby food. loves ice cream. gets jealous when he sees us eating. super smiley. skinny legs. cute little body. big hazel eyes. 

i have a serious crush on this little boy.


church entertainment.

take one guess as to who's responsible for this recent sunday pastime.
it certainly makes for some laughs {quietly of course}.
good thing he's a good sport about it all. 
{until we have to take them off... ouch}


we're having a lot of fun

ps. daddy arrived last night. YAHOO!!!!!

pps. another picture overload post below