General Conference

This weekend our family will be watching General Conference.
It happens twice a year, and is the most wonderful opportunity to learn and be inspired.

We live in such a busy time, where stress of everyday life can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and a little lost. I love General Conference because it helps me gain the right perspective, inspires me in ways to be a better person, and reminds me of the things that bring real happiness.

The President of our Church will be speaking to everyone Sunday morning. We will be watching it live on our computer while in our PJs! Most of you can watch it from your home as well- on your TV or computer. You can check your local program listings for availability in your area, or you can watch it live on your computer, here.

If you have never watched General Conference before, I highly recommend you tune in. You may even hear something specifically for you - In fact, I'm sure of it!

What is General Conference? Watch the video, and find out more here.

You can also email me if you have any questions about it.

Have a lovely weekend!

our life lately, through instagram

on a random note, steve and i are going to see hunger games tonight. yahooooooo!


dress up

wow, did jayne ever take me back to my childhood! she was in heaven playing dress up with evee (and russell, 'the prince'), and it brought me back to the good old days when i would do the same with my sisters (and sometimes brothers). it usually always involved some kind of music and dancing... jumping on a bed.... or wearing underwear on our heads. 

any way, she specifically asked for a crown... and i love how evee pulled it together with what she had. i especially love how jayne's demeanor totally changes when she is a 'princess.' she walks with care, smiles delicately, becomes soft-spoken, and is very polite... just like a real princess.

maybe we should be doing dress-ups more often.


Quinta Normal FAIL

Since Steve has Mondays off work, we thought we'd try and go see something new in the city while Jayne was at school. We had heard great things about Quinta Normal, the oldest park in Chile, along with their National History Museum there. We ventured out early, as soon as Jayne was dropped off. After a long bus ride, and 12 metro stops, we finally made it. And guess what you guys.... it was closed! I was so happy!  NOT!!!!

So, instead, we walked around for about 10 minutes, saw a pretty cool church, took some pictures in front of some crazy graffiti work, saw a few statues, and then spent nearly 1 1/2 hours getting back home on the bus, arriving late to pick up Jayne. Still wondering what would have happened had we actually gone in the park and done the museum and THEN tried to get back to get Jayne... that would have been bad.  

This is not me complaining, just merely stating the facts......

On the plus side, the buss doubles as a tour of the city if you look out your window on the ride - that is, if you can manage to get a window seat in a packed to the brim bus. And, if you don't get carsick sitting backwards while sweating profusely in your chair. You also get to experience a little bit of the culture of Santiago by listening to street vendors (who climb on board) trying to sell you stuff like light bulbs on your ride home. True story.
Oh well, better luck next time!



You made it! 30 days of fruit and veggie smoothies.
 Did you manage to do it every single day?
If so, well done!

Our day 30 of the challenge (today) consisted of:

frozen strawberries
frozen blueberries
frozen blackberries
small handful of grapes
a whole lotta spinach
water to cover

It was yummers. I hope you guys enjoyed this challenge and will keep doing them daily to improve your health and well being. Make it a habit and find new ways to incorporate your fruits and vegetables every day. Get those good things in that system of yours (and your families too).

Also, remember to drink lotsa water and stay active. 
Maybe we'll even have a water challenge or a workout challenge in the near future...... hm....

In the meantime, 
happy blending!

a lil update

just chillin' out on in the courtyard of our apartment after dinner

1. The nights are getting cooler here. I woke up feeling cold for the first time last night. The kids are wearing footed PJs to bed now instead of diapers only. Don't worry, diapers are still the usual uniform during the day for Vinn (reference photos above). Jayne would be too if she didn't have to clothe herself for school. 

2. I've totally failed at trying to learn Spanish. What a joke. When the kids go to sleep, all I want to do is hang out with Steve, video chat with my siblings, check my email, blog, or watch one of our shows (aka Once Upon a Time- now that we've finished Friday Night Lights and Downton Abbey, and of course Vampire Diaries once a week) . I cherish my nighttime hours when the children are sleeping... it goes by so fast. The Americans I know here learned the language by hiring a private tutor who would come for a couple hours in the afternoon.  I'd have to sell one of my kids on the streets of Santiago to earn the money we would need for said private tutor. So I'm not motivated enough to do it on my own, and I guess I love my kids too much to give them up (like that excuse?). What can you do...

3. We had two earthquakes this past week. Nothing too crazy. One was in the middle of the night (kids didn't even wake up) and then another one Sunday afternoon. But our apartment felt like it was swaying back and forth. One word: FREAKADEEK.

4. Steve's family is coming out to visit for their Spring Break in a couple weeks. We can't wait. Jayne is so excited to see her "gwama" and we are thrilled to finally have some visitors!  Pretty sure Jayne is going to try and hide in one of their suitcases upon their departure back home. She is such a homebody and still misses her "other home." Cute girl. 

5. It seems like everyone but us has gone to see Hunger Games. I am dying!!!  I would have been one of those midnight goers had we been in Provo, and seeing everyone's statuses on Facebook about the movie is pure torture. We have a scheduled date night planned for this friday to go see it.... it can't come soon enough! 

That's all for now folks. Check back in later today for a smoothie update (today is day 30!). Toodaloo!


Mampato - Let's fun!


My friend Martha invited me and Jayne to go to Mampato, a little amusement park (mainly for young kids) right by our apartment building, with her two youngest on Saturday morning (the amusement park's logo is "Let's fun!" It makes us laugh every time). It was great! Jayne was so ecstatic the moment we got there right up until it was time to go home. It was as if she'd been living in a hole for weeks and was finally let free. She squealed every 3 seconds, did a whole lot of jumping up and down, and was dramatically excited about every single ride she got to go on. We only had tears on the log ride (it goes up and down a little hill and there is some splashing involved... not her cup of tea). I felt bad because she was on it all alone (while Evee and Russell went on a ride together that she was not quite tall enough for) and she was crying for a good minute or so before I was able to get her. Aside from that, she had a blast and I'm still wondering why we didn't make it there until this weekend (it is literally right next door).

After Mampato, we headed over to a BBQ we were invited to by an American family in our ward. It was a very fun and relaxing afternoon with a lot of yummy food and great company. We were there for a good 4 hours just chatting and laughing. I really love the friends we have made here, and even though we have just barely gotten to know people and won't be here long, I'll be a little sad to say goodbye!


tulle skirt

we went to our first double wedding last night for two sisters in our ward. i always love a reason to get dressed up. one of my favorite skirts that i had to bring with me here to Chile was my tulle skirt from forever21. it is a great color that goes well with pretty much anything, and it was super cheap, which is awesome because believe it or not, tulle skirts are surprisingly hard to come by!

i used to think tulle skirts were only for baby girl photo shoots... high school prom (in utah)... or the more obvious- ballerinas. not anymore! tulle skirts are coming in style in full force in more ways than one. they can be dressed fancy, funky, or casual. they can be worn all year round. they can be poofy, flowy, long, or short. but my favorite thing about them is that they are playfully feminine no matter how you choose to wear them, getting one step closer to every girl's dream of feeling like a princess. 

 tulle love <3 <3 <3

my sister in law kate (above) pulled off the 'utah tulle prom' with serious class & taste... love it!

shop for tulle skirts here
or make your own using this tutorial.

would you wear a tulle skirt?

*images via google and pinterest (with the exception of kate, which i took a few years ago)