Tulip Festival

We hit up the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival last week with my sister Crystal, my sister-in-law Lauren, and my friend Courtney (and all the babies). It was maybe the best I have ever seen it. I don't know if I went too early/late in previous years, or if the season wasn't ideal, but this year the colors seemed far more vibrant and there were no empty patches to be seen. It was gorgeous! The weather was perfect- not too hot, a little cloudy - great for walking around without getting hot, and taking pictures without awkward shadows or glare. We packed light lunches to eat while we were there, and the kids had a grand old time sniffing flowers and running around to their hearts content. 
Meet Courtney's daughter, Sydney. I couldn't believe how much she'd grown/changed since the last time I had seen her before Chile. Funny to think about Vinny and this little beauty possibly dating and/or getting married in the future (if it were up to me). 
Hard to take pictures with wiggly ones
The first baby bump shot. 13+ weeks and you wouldn't even know it! So cute!
Gotta love the matching mommy/daughter pants
Let's just ignore the fact that I look more pregnant than my pregnant sister-in-law in this photo. And I am NOT pregnant!!!!  #outfitchoicefail
Court & Syd... beautiful ladies. 

I would say you must go and experience it if you haven't already, but it ended on Saturday. 
Sorry to possibly be the bearer of bad news. 
Anywho, it was a lovely day!

a graduation post, below!

Little Lo Graduates

My little sister Lauren graduated from BYU this month. My parents came into town for it (and I was able to surprise them... wish I had it on video!) and it was so fun seeing them. My grandparents came up for the ceremony and celebrations as well. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a good time together. I'm proud of my little Lauren Goo-win. Oh, you didn't know that Lauren's last name is Goo-win? You should ask her about it. Lauren, you are a babe and I am so proud of you for finishing school! Way to go sista!!!
Shoulda ironed my skirt... woops
We hit up red mango after the ceremony. We didn't want to fill up on too much as we were eating at the all-you-can-eat Tucanos that evening. I had the most amazing peanut butter banana granola shake from red mango... I want to go back now. 
My brother-in-law Mike graduated as well. His ceremony was in the afternoon, so Jayne and I caught up with Steve's family for it.  Jayne was so tuckered out by the time we got there, she passed out at the very beginning of the ceremony. Cute girl. Mike will be attending dental school this summer in Michigan. We are all really proud of him and excited for them. It was fun taking some pictures after the ceremony. Here are a few of my favorites...
After Mike's ceremony, we dashed home to meet up with my family and head over to Tucanos. The weather was perfect that evening, the food was awesome, and the company even better. 
That little Savannah.... she just about kills me. Love her to death!

Where was Steve you ask? He came back from Chile this weekend... he stayed a couple weeks longer to tie up some loose ends with our apartment, and to finish up with the team he was assistant coaching. We are sure glad to have him back. 

PS. The lack of blog posts are due to a combination of no time (believe it or not, blogging is not really at the top of my list of things to get done in a day... surprise, surprise) .... and a broken computer. I will share that not-so-funny funny story some time in the future. If I can muster it. In the meantime I will try to play catch up as I am able. Lots of fun things to share!


Spring Break

Steve's mom & dad and two younger siblings max & jo came out to Chile to see us over their Spring Break. We were so thrilled to have some visitors, especially family!  It was so fun taking them to see some of the cool places in Santiago as well as exploring a couple new places together. Steve's dad rented a big van so we could get everywhere all together. It was so fun to be in a car again... trying to see the city by bus or metro, while doable, is pretty tricky with the two little ones. So this was a lot more enjoyable. 

One of the first things we took them to was Los Dominicos Artisan market. We knew they would enjoy the unique atmosphere it has to offer and get a little shopping in with all the handmade goods they sell.  We even grabbed a small bite to eat in the center where they serve some yummy empanadas. It was a successful trip and we left with some good things.

Jayne picked out this little handmade purse. It is so cute and she loves to take it with her everywhere (and keep "her money" in it - some small coins given by "gwama"). 

We took a drive up the canyon one afternoon and couldn't believe how clear and pretty the river was. This picture really doesn't even do it justice. We stopped so we could walk down to the water. It was really beautiful. 


The next day we hit up the White house and Plaza de Armas, Santa Lucia Hill, and San Cristobal hill. Vinny did great in the backpack and Jayne was a good trooper walking or being pushed in the umbrella stroller. She was a happy camper with so many people to entertain her. 

Jayne loved the "horsies"

We stopped at an empanada shop for a quick lunch (it is sounding like empanadas are all we ever eat...). While I didn't get a picture of the grub, I did get a picture of Max and his straight teeth! (thanks to braces and a current retainer). 

Friendly music being played while loading up the trolly to take us to the top of the hill.

Pretty Jo

Jayne tuckered out

My camera was seriously messed up and wouldn't focus on anything unless it was extremely close up (which is why all my pictures of this day are just that). But this was a bunch of melted wax from burning candles in offering to the Virgin Mary at the top of the hill (wish I would have gotten some pictures of the view and the statue, but my camera was a no-go). 


One rainy day we took a drive up another canyon and stopped at this local restaurant to get some authentic Chilean food. The dish above is a Paste de Choclo (corn dish). It was good, a little different, but worth a try. 

The meat empanadas were tasty

Check out all that meat!!! 

That there would be intestines. Yummy. NOT. I refused to even try (so I guess I wouldn't know...). There was also blood sausage, which believe it or not I did try, and it wasn't all that bad!

The clan

Completed the day with our last gelato before going home. Steve and I made a mutual exception from our no sweets competition that we could have one small cup as a 'last hurrah' to our Chilean gelato. 

Vinny's first ride all by himself! He seemed a little unsure, but didn't complain. 

Happy girl

Lots of bedtime snuggles


We did a day trip to Vina Del Mar (the beach). This was the first time we had even been to the beach while in Chile. It was BEAUTIFUL! You get into the city by going down a big hill (wish I had taken a picture) and it's a neat site to behold as you're driving down. . Although the water was freeeezing, the day was gorgeous and it was fun to just chill on the beach, look for sea glass, and let the little ones play in the sand. 

There were a few little kid rides on the boardwalk that the little ones got to enjoy. Jayne was loving it!

Little man tuckered out by lunch time. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the some of the things we did, but like I said, my camera was having some serious issues. I'll leave you with one last picture of Jayne at the airport totally passed out. 

I was hitting myself for not taking a picture at our little farewell party our friends in the ward threw for us. We had a big pot luck dinner and just visited all together for hours. It was so nice and the perfect way to end our stay here. I don't think Chile would have been nearly as fun without the friends we made in our church. They were so good to us, and I miss them already!


So, I know some of you might be wondering why we came back to the states so early. It was somewhat of a surprise to us too!  Well, Steve got a job here in Provo as Director of Coaching for a couple soccer clubs in the area. As a result, he wanted to get back at the end of April to begin working. Our 90 days in the country was up at the end of Steve's families visit so we decided last minute to come back with Steve's family at the end of their trip. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but we felt really good about it. It was great having the extra hands on the airplane and made traveling so much easier! And it was so funny surprising some people upon our arrival. I was able to surprise both of my sisters and even my parents who flew in last week for my sister's graduation. It was so fun!!!

We are so glad to be home. It is funny to see the differences and things I took for granted before living in Chile. There are also some things I miss from Chile. I am so glad we were able to live there for the time that we did, and be able to have that neat experience. Who knows where our next adventure will be, but I am happy to be settled in our little provo area for the time being. And you better believe Jayne is more than thrilled to be back home. I don't think I have ever seen her so happy. 

Whew!!! That was a lot of stuff for one post.